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Tiny Lockit - what is the PPF setting for?


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I was just going through the menus on a Tiny Lockit and came across the PPF setting.  What would you use the PPF trigger for in a typical sound workflow?  I am not quite understanding what scenario it would be used in?  Is it more of a setting that would be used by camera guys to trigger mulitple cameras to roll or to trigger a repeatable head to start its move? Also, with the Tiny Lockit you can adjust the PPF rate?  Any ideas what that does?



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Hi Millar,

ppf stands for pulse per frame. Some cameras can use these as sync signal. The adjustable electronic pulse triggers video processors of specific cameras.

A Canadian company for example uses the PPF for syncing up a  huge amount of industry cameras for product tests...


So I suppose it won't be a feature you will use too often in broadcast but it's a handy tool for industry users.





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Hi Pierre,

since Genlock is also not much more than a pulse it is somehow related but Genlock is one pulse per video line (so 1080 pulses per video frame when shooting in Full HD) ppf is just one pulse per frame. So they both do the same but in a different way ...

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