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working in dust with MBP

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Hi I am looking for dust and rain cover for my Macbook Pro, I will be using it for sound recording in a dirty location with a lot of dust. I have a small setup so I would like to work on with the dust cover always on. I am looking for something like a little transparent tent that I can put my hands in it to control the laptop. Let me know if you can refer me to any product similar to my description.


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Can you tape over the seams and the unused ports, as well as tape in those connectors you are using?  Rubber cover for the keyboard? Can of Dust-off close by all the time?  Video assist people seem to get away with using laptops in terrible environments all the time.  I like the tent idea but I've never seen one.  Might be a cooling issue?  Please let us know what you find.

Philip Perkins

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Don't even worry about dust, as long as its mounted in some sort of relatively enclosed sound cart.

I'm still using the same laptop that I first started using Metacorder on back on The Fog.  Over the last few years, I've spent many a week working in some incredibly dusty environments.

I recently dismantled my PB to put a larger HD in it, and was planning to use that as an opportunity to try to clean out the massive amount of dust that I expected to find in there.  Much to my surprise, it was perfectly clean inside.  Much cleaner than what I used to find with my office's desktop during its annual vacuuming out.



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That's the thing I don't have some kind of enclosed sound cart I am starting as with my MBP interface mixer and boom pole + mics. I would like to keep evething small and simple for now. I will be looking maybe for some kind of light rack mount to fit the laptop in...

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