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Hey everybody, I´m trying to make a new app for iphone to log the sound reports. I know many of you use sound devices 788 or cantar and they have their on way. But if you are like me, working with smaller recorders (702), on smaller productions, you know there aren´t many options out there. 


I found the Sound Report app not so helpful when you have small amount of time to be watching your iphone in middle of the shoots and start making notes. I would like to create something where you make as few touchs to the screen as possible. Allowing you to log your report quickly and easy. 


I like to believe that these small details sometimes can make a lot easier our work. 



So i thought it would be cool if you could contribute with your ideas to make a great app!



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The greatest thing is not having to enter info twice--ie an app that can talk to the recorder and allows metadata entry that goes right to the sound file, so that it stays with that file forever.  SD has this for 788 via CLwifi and Wave Agent.  I wish it were possible for the other 7XX recorders as well as the 6xx machines.  I don't know how many versions made for 744/702 you'd sell anymore, but there could be a lot of interest in something for 6xx machines.  However, I think there are significant technical barriers involved in getting wifi to work on 6xx….



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The Sound Report App is good, and does remember previous characters and notes that you've taken in the past, but even if you do the best you can to manually sync TC from your recorder to the app it will always drift. It's not a frame rate issue on the app, and possibly since the last few updates they've fixed it but, the last time I checked it was still an issue.


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