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  1. Hope everyone is doing fine. I m interested if you had a chance to do test and work it out.
  2. Yes! I agree 100% with you. This are the exact same reasons i changed my 664 for a 633. But i will miss the limiters! Nope. The limiters where better on the 664.
  3. I recently changed my 664 for a 633. And since i was thinking that my 664 sounded better (not because of analogue pres or digital) i thought to give it a try here and see if there where more people thinking like me. I found this thread and i m laughing to myself. I love this website. I don’t personally know you Constantin but most of the things i read from you i agree and also respect. But on this one i have to disagree. I know the sound of my 664 like the palm of my hand. And listening to my new 633 i can tell you that the clipping is much more forgiving, and the limiters are incredibly much better. I m surprised at the difference between both recorders. Of course they are both awesome beasts. But i find ridding my levels a bit lower because i m scared of limiting too much or clipping. On my 664 it was almost imposible to make it clip and the limiters are smooth as baby skin. ✌️
  4. Eric if possible please upload some demo tracks A/B. Thanx!
  5. Hi, i m in need of advice. My Lectro system (UCR 210d and UM 200b) is giving me some hard time. Everything works perfect until past the half hour or so, i get a distortion in the singal. It sounds very similar to when you are going out of battery but keeps working with the distortion. After a few minutes the distortion goes away and everything goes back to normal. Always using rechargeable batteries on both Tx and Rx. Its hard to test it at home because it starts the distortion randomly and past the 30 minutes or so of use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. Daniel STOP + FF in the 744 is for takes not scenes (unless there is a way to change the shortcut). Thats why i ask, because takes i can edit pretty fast, but scenes no. Philip when you say you edit with the side-wheel you mean you go all over the menu and change it manually? I dont do cart work, but do you think it could be handy to use a keyboard when working with bag? Thanx both for your answers!
  7. In February i sold my SD 702 a bought a 744. Since then i m constantly trying to find the best way to use it (of course for the kinds of jobs i do: Documentary, Advertising and Interviews) I have the 442/744 combo. I m trying to find the best way to keep the scene and take name while shooting, but (correct me if i m wrong, i read many times the manual) i cant find the way to quickly change the scene number. Is it worth to buy a keyboard to log notes? Does the keyboard let you make a scene shortcut? Do you have special shortcuts you prefer? I recently found about the bread crumbs in the menu and i m loving them! Thanx for the advices! Ps: looked in the internet all the info i could find about the 744 but now everyone is talking about the new gen SD...
  8. Nice! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  9. Just have to say its nice to see that we have a "safe" place int this world! Ps: return the money back... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Are you sure? Have you talked to him? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  11. Hey Constantin no need to be ironic. I recently began to use this site, and it took me quite a few threads and comments to know how it works. I recomend using the google search with "jwsoundgroup.net" first and then what you are looking for. Michal dont post a thread each time you have a question. First take your time to make a search. This forum dates way back, so you can imagine that all this basic questions have already been answered. Also you can imagine how anoying is to the people who belongs here to hear the same questions all the time... Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  12. VM i agree with you! Si vouz avez fait une page en Frence s est magnifique (hope my french its not horrible! long time i dont speak it) I would pretty much have something similar here in South America. We recently fought in Uruguay to make a guild for sound, but its mostly for live sound. I just thought that this place is a good starting point! Sante!
  13. Suso hola! Acabo de escribir en el "Foreign Language Discussions". Tratemos de moverlo y ver que pasa, quizas ya lo trataron de hacer antes y no funciono. De no funcionar podriamos buscar una nueva solucion. Pero agotemos este recurso antes! Los foros que he visto en español no son muy buenos, ni con fuentes confiables. Por eso creo que la respuesta tiene que estar dentro de los usuarios de habla hispana en jwsound. Abrazo!
  14. Jon do you know any good groups in Facebook? Lately i joined a few but i dont think they where any good. I was about to ask someone in here if the could give me an input on some good groups. Even tho i use Facebook a long time, i am new in this world. And i did the jwsound search on google but couldnt find anything in this topic. Cheers!
  15. There is a groups section here, which is ideal for such a purpose. I think there is a german group already, but it's not very lively Thanx Constantin. In the under-utilized GROUPS section there is a group called "Foreign Language Discussions" which was set up in an effort to accommodate the sort of thing you are suggesting. Maybe you could look into it and see if it might be helpful. Thanx Jeff. It´s a little hidden. Here I found an old post where you explain how to join the group, may help people like me in the future. ramallo, on 02 Jun 2013 - 10:18 AM, said: You have to go to the tab "groups" and you will see the groups that we have. Click on the group and it will say you don't have permission or whatever but there will be a "Join Group" button in the upper right hand corner. Once joined, the group will behave just like the rest of the forum. Create your own. Jon with my biggest respect, do you think that your blog: http://jon-gilbert-sound-recordist.blogspot.com has the same input or attention that jwsoundgrup ? I asked Jeff because i know how hard is to gather a great amount of people into a forum, and i m sure we have a good amount of spanish speakers in here. As is the case, they already have made this. Cheers!
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