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Wisycom MCR42 versus Lectrosonics SRB5P for VJ cam


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Are in doubt which one of these to buy:

Have a Panasonic AJ-PX270 and want to use the Wisycom or the Lectrosonic only as a true dual receiver. 

Have only two XLR ports on the cam and want only one receiver to control two microports (Sennheiser) 


So: which one to buy. 

Any one out ther who has experiences with them?


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I bought Wisycom a few months ago. They've been rock solid. Very pricey though. They have compander settings for other mics like sennheisers which work very well. They also only consume 1.5W which is nothing. They can work in any country as they have a high bandwidth, which is handy if you're having a problem finding frequencies.

PS. Sky use Wisycom for their sports stuff. They bought 200 sets.

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Please note the Lectrosoniccs SRB (or SRB5P) is perfectly compatible with the Sennheiser 3000 and 5000 series, but not with the other series (G2, G3, 2000), becausehey have a different compander .


In the "M3" compatibility mode, he SRB(5P) emulates the Sennheiser HiDyn Plus compander with perfect results (I use this every day), but the lectrosonics has no  compatibility mode for the Sennheiser HDX compander used in the G2, G3 and 2000 series .


Somme people say you can use the Lectro receiver with Sennheiser HDX transmitters, but this is not correct . If you do this, you will have pumping effects, a bad transient reproduction and strange effects in the bass and in the treble .


The Wisycom receiver is also perfectlly compatible with the sennheiser 3000/5000 series, but for the compatibility with other Sennheiser series I don't know if it has a specific mode .


The main advantage of the Wisycom is its very large bandwidth, but the price is much higher than the Lectro .

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I'm not sure if the lectrosonics will read the battery telemetry from the Sennheiser transmitters or not, while the wisycoms will. The wisycom has receiver diversity on both channels (4 receiver circuits), while the lectrosonics has 2, so can only work with receiver diversity in single channel mode. On the other hand it's more expensive. The wisycom receiver emulation mode for hidyn+ is SEN

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