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788t duplicate file not found. Help please!


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Hey all,


Has anyone had a file show up on the .CSV report and not be on the drive.  I've had this issue just today where I recorded the file, and wrote the csv at the end of the day.  Now I see 2 of the exact same file names on my machine.  I am missing take 2 of 2 of a file called X42BT2.  I recorded it and the CSV tells me its' there but there is no actual file on my hard drive or CF card.


Stranger thing to, is that the DIT had a warning error message saying that  file X42BT2 was a duplicate and could not be copied.  I have not contact SD and I will of course but wondering if anyone has had this issue and how they may have resolved it.

Thanks so much



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The lost file may actually be there but with a slightly different file name- the recorder will alter the new file's name if it detects an already existing file with the same name . Or maybe it's in a different folder than you were expecting . Hope you find it . Best , David S Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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