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Cable for Lectrosonics r1a to Red (trs to trs) or Alexa (5pin xlr to trs)


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Ok so I think I have tried everything and I just want to make sure that I am nor completely crazy. I use an r1a as a hop sometimes to the Alexa XT and Red scarlet/epic cameras. No matter how I wire it, I always have to pull out the trs connector on the r1a halfway in order to get some signal through to these cameras. I followed all the wiring diagrams for both cameras from their respective manuals, and probably everything inbetween, made balanced and unbalanced cables, and I am getting the same result or nothing at all. I read in the Lectrosonics manual that the r1a has an auto switching circuit that 'senses' that its a mono or stereo cable, and turns off the ring circuit to save power but none of this makes sense as I have to pull the trs out to the first detent which is essentially the ring prong, so the tip is touching the ring, no?

Can someone tell me if they use the r1a for hops, what their cables are wired as for these cameras? I really want to end this guessing game! Please help!

Thanks in advance.



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Ok so it seems I didn't try everything. What finally worked for me was Tip- hot, Sleeve- cold and ground. This allowed me to input to the cameras as Line/Mic with the TRS connector all the way in. It also sounded cleaner than not connecting the cold wire to anything (which also didn't output a line signal.) Hope this helps someone.

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