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Mac-Mini Power Button Problems

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I have a Mac Mini (2012) and the power button has become intermittent. The mini will start after maybe the 10th or the 20th push of the power button. A while ago I replaced my internal drive with an SSD, using the OWC step by step video. The power button functioned perfectly after my installation, but now it's' problematic. Any local Mac whizzes in the L.A. area? Many independent computer repair places are either reluctant to do it or charge too much money. I'm sure the Mac Genius Bar will try to sell me a new logic board and it would be easier to just buy a new or refurbished Mac-Mini. Any help would be appreciated.


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On September 16, 2016 at 1:45 PM, Philip Perkins said:

Did that work?  I have an old mini with the same problem....

Philip, what vintage mini? It's really straightforward to add an external power switch to 2009 and earlier pre-unibody minis.I did that on the mini I kept on the cart, extending it to the front of the machine to keep from reaching around. I've attached a photo. It's a momentary switch and I'm pretty sure that even the 2010 and later unibody minis also have the momentary power switch.

Best regards,




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