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Conforming location sound from a EDL

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I´m having some difficulties conforming original audio from an EDL made by Premier Pro CC 2017.


I´m not to familiar with Premier so this is really a question; When exporting a EDL in pp what is the difference between ticking in the "use sound roll/sound timecode" box and not ticking? 


I know that I get the sound rolls into the EDL, but the source timecode is not the same between the two options, and the edit is made from a proxy, so the timecode of the proxy audio and the proxy video should be the same?


The point is that I do get correct source TC i/o times when I uncheck the "use sound roll/sound timecode" box, but then I don´t have the sound roll info in the EDL.. which makes it useless for me to conform.



I also know from a fact having recorded the original sound on set, that there where no tc issues between the Alexa and my sound recorder, this has been checked and double checked. Everything synched flawless.


What am I missing here?


here is an EDL line with the box checked:



001  A15      A     C        18:45:06:02 18:45:26:13 01:00:00:00 01:00:20:11

* FROM CLIP NAME: A046C026_160808_R6WC.mov


and unchecked:


001  A046R6WC A     C        18:43:58:17 18:44:19:04 01:00:00:00 01:00:20:11

* FROM CLIP NAME: A046C026_160808_R6WC.mov


as you can see the source i/o times are different..


Since i´m not that into premier all your thoughts and theories are more than welcome!


All the best


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Hi Bjossi,

To start I'm the creator of the application EdiLoad - just had an idea that might help you.

I don't know why Premiere is doing this for you. As a work-around, and if you have access to EdiLoad, you may be able to use EdiLoad to batch update the Roll Names of the EDL that contains the correct source TCs. If you load the EDL that has the correct Roll Names, see if there's a link between the Clip Name or part of the Clip Name and Roll Name. E.g. maybe all clip names that start with A046 have a Roll Name of 015. If this is the case you could load the EDL into EdiLoad with the correct source TCs and either use the Batch Update window or Column Transfer window to update the required events to enter the correct each sound roll.

See the video in the following blog post for more info on how to modify an EDL with EdiLoad:






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Diffs between original TC and the TC of the ingested clip?  Have you been able to trace back and see which version is correct, re the TC of the original clip?  Or you could just do what Mark suggests...his stuff works!

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