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  1. Bubu


    Hi, I´m wondering If people here have any experience with Matchbox reconform tool from Cargocult? Have used EDiload in the past and quite like that, just curious on how they compare, or just if people have any thoughts on this.
  2. That I have found out! Well have found a straight connector but not 90° one, can I ask you, did you manage to get angled ine or is it straight? Just wondering here how much time I should spend on finding one. Thanks, Björn.
  3. That is the right way to do this! You do not happen to have some kind of instructions for that our a pinout map or something similar?
  4. Has anyone here tried this? I know some companies do this for you, but for me it would be way to expensive to send this abroad. So I'm courious to see if anyone has done this and wants to share their experience.
  5. Also curious about this.
  6. Yeb well me too I guess, but that´s not going to happen now. I had actually forgotten about that! But I still think if I´ll upgrade I would add a few more channels, but a very good point.
  7. Hi people, I´m looking into getting a new recorder in the near future, I have a SD 633 witch has done me well. I find that I need more preamps. Since I live in Iceland there seems to be no way of getting my hands on a Sonosax recorder to try out, I know the SD recorders pretty well and expect the 888 to be good as most of their stuff. I´ve recived and worked on stuff recorded on the Sonnosax with the same mics that I normally use, and I was impressed by the sound quality. I´m just curious to hear if you people have any experiance with both Sonosax and SD, what you like what you don´t like etc. Since I´m often recording in rough weathers I´m a bit curious how the touch screen on the sonosax holds up in these conditions. Thanks in advance, Björn.
  8. Thanks David! That´s exactly what I was looking for! And some pretty good ideas Dalton! Cheers guys!
  9. Hi there, I have upcoming shoot of a movie that involves lots of rain, so I will have to deal with rain pooring down. Drains, dripping onto pavement etc. Do you guys have any creative ideas of dealing with this. All the best Bjössi.
  10. Bubu

    Sound cars

    Hi all, I'm curious if any of you have/are using custimized sound vans/cars, and If you have made some nice and practical solutions for keeping the gear in place. Thinking about getting a small van and I'm looking for ideas! Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the reply, I know how to fix the problem in post, and it is fixed. I was just wondering if anyone had the direct experience of feeding the wrong frame rate to the Alexa mini. And seeing/knowing what happens. Why? Having a hard time getting info out of the camera crew and the editor. Meanwhile production is busting my nuts. All the best Bjossi
  12. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had the misfortune of feeding a alexa mini wrong fps? I.e. we where shooting at 24 fps but the sound files seem to be at 25 fps for 2 whole days. Wondering how that could have happen. Does the camera sync? Or does it display somekind of error? Looks like I might have done just that a couple of months ago, just wondering if anyone has done anything similar.. all the best Bjössi.
  13. Thanks to mFranken there was a workaround, you can find it here: http://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?t=387206
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