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A to B format conversion ProTools Audio Suite


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I have a question concerning the Surroundzone 2 plug in in ProTools 12HD. I would like to convert my A format recordings (SPS200) to B format using the Surround Zone 2 plug in. But unfortunately the surround zone plug in is not available as an Audio Suite version in ProTools. Are there any suggestions what batch convert software I can use (preferably within Pro Tools) to batch convert SPS200 A Format material to B format. I tried Sennheisers Ambeo software, but the result wasn't at all satisfying, presumably because of some proprietary format? Any suggestions some of the users on this board use?

I'm using Harpex software to unpack B format to 5.1, so I'm not to keen on using surround zone 2 as A format to 5.1 converter.


Thanks in advance!



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if Surroundzone is AAX you could just dub your master recording (i know not exactly batch processing). other than that i think Senn has a plugin for their Ambeo mic that converts A - B format but i think it is specific to the Ambeo. You could still give it a try and compare the results.

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Good idea, the offline bounce option, recently switched to PT12 coming from PT10, so the offline bounce option didn't cross my mind yet. Much faster than dubbing the recordings realtime.

I was a bit amazed by the quality of the Ambeo plug in, since it was really messing up my recordings. Probably had something to do with the fact that recordings came from a SPS200, but still...

I will also take a look at TwistedWave, and for sure contact the developers of Harpex, didn't know they had a Beta of an A to B converter.

Thanks for all your replies!


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On 25/4/2017 at 2:48 PM, soundmanjohn said:

TwistedWave will do the batch conversion for you, albeit outside ProTools, or ask Svein for a beta of Harpex-X, which will do the SPS A-B conversion as well as the 5.1 transcode. The Ambeo plug-in is just for the Ambeo mic, and isn't actually that good, in my opinion.


Maybe I'm a bit off topic.

But I tried to do some bach processing using Twistedwave and Harpex-x vst plugin. 

The recordings I used were made with an Ambeo microphone and were four channels interleaved wave files.

I set up Harpex-x input mode to "Ambeo" and output mode to "Surround" and preset to "L C R Ls Rs LFE" but after the processing twistedwawe output is a four-channels file instead of a six-channels file that is what I was expecting. It seems like it's doing the transcoding but without changing the number of outputs during Harpex-x processing.



I read both Harpex-x and Twistedwave manuals but I couldn't find the answer. Both these manuals are a bit "minimal" in my opinion.



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