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  1. I bought 2 extra Audioroot batteries to replace a few of my first generation Aaton batteries (I think audio root battery with aaton “ID customization”). And although specs should be exactly the same, these new Audioroot batteries do not eject easily. You need to pull hard to get them out. I work mainly over shoulder on documentary and cannot eject them with one hand. I changed to the newest Aaton labeled RCC ones, and they work great. (The simple battery check of the Aaton ones I like better also...
  2. The ISO's are MS (unprocessed), mixdown (output, headphone, whatever you like) is LR with variable width if you choose to do so. If for example ISO track 1 and 2 are MS, and you assign these tracks to the first and second fader (or whichever one you prefer..) The second fader controls the width. (Thinking of it, I'm not sure if this is also the way it works on the Cantar Mini. It does with an X3.)
  3. With a Cantar X3 and Cantar Mini you can adjust the stereo width with the fader panel when assigning the faders as tracks. I change the MS width like this all the time.
  4. SONA doesn't mean anything in Dutch, nor is it used as an abbreviation... So cannot help you out. Maybe the "subject" of the recording tells something about SONA? A specific location? Maybe contact the recordist? Or is "several decades" really to much decades ago...
  5. TimP

    Cantar X3 Mini

    Is the decoder specifically designed for the Ambeo mic? Or is any brand ambisonics mic usable. Tried the Ambeo software with sps200 recordings, and wasn’t to happy with the result. (vs. soundfield’s own surroundzone software)
  6. TimP

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    On Facebook. Sonosax users it's called. (What's in a name...) https://m.facebook.com/groups/422226551455412
  7. TimP

    Cantar Majax?

    Majax is a free standing application for editing metadata, making new mixdowns from ISO tracks etc. Remote control (although limited at this moment) is down via the browser on your laptop, iPad, phone etc. (X3 only)
  8. Good idea, the offline bounce option, recently switched to PT12 coming from PT10, so the offline bounce option didn't cross my mind yet. Much faster than dubbing the recordings realtime. I was a bit amazed by the quality of the Ambeo plug in, since it was really messing up my recordings. Probably had something to do with the fact that recordings came from a SPS200, but still... I will also take a look at TwistedWave, and for sure contact the developers of Harpex, didn't know they had a Beta of an A to B converter. Thanks for all your replies! T.
  9. I have a question concerning the Surroundzone 2 plug in in ProTools 12HD. I would like to convert my A format recordings (SPS200) to B format using the Surround Zone 2 plug in. But unfortunately the surround zone plug in is not available as an Audio Suite version in ProTools. Are there any suggestions what batch convert software I can use (preferably within Pro Tools) to batch convert SPS200 A Format material to B format. I tried Sennheisers Ambeo software, but the result wasn't at all satisfying, presumably because of some proprietary format? Any suggestions some of the users on this board use? I'm using Harpex software to unpack B format to 5.1, so I'm not to keen on using surround zone 2 as A format to 5.1 converter. Thanks in advance! Tim
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