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From Producing Great Sound for Film and Video. The list is about three years old. 



American Radio Relay League (www.arrl.org)
This amateur radio organization publishes many books about electronics, including an excellent primer, Understanding Basic Electronics, for $30. Their ARRL Handbook ($60 hardcover, including CD-ROM) is a 1,300-page technical encyclopedia, updated every year.


Cinema Audio Society (cinemaaudiosociety.org)
Organization of production sound mixers and boom operators, with an informative online journal, an active discussion board, and links to other film sound technical societies.


My website. It has a large tutorial section, reprints of some of my DV Magazine and ProVideoCoalition articles, a two-hour video presentation on film sound, some spoofs of our industry… and information on my studio (which is how I pay for the whole thing).


Mostly about my latest book, but there's also some free downloadable stuff.


Engineer Tomi Engdhal’s website: an immense database of contributed articles, circuit diagrams, and tutorials about audio and electronics.


Equipment Emporium (www.filmtvsound.com)
Educator and sound recordist Fred Ginsberg’s site, with lots of articles about soundtrack production, and downloadable manuals for some common gear.


Immense library of articles devoted to all aspects of film sound design. The site also includes discussions of more than 150 specific films, and essays by noted sound designers Randy Thom and Walter Murch. 


Busy forum (more than 10,000 members and guests) for people who love audio and its equipment. Most of the topics are about music recording, but there are active subgroups devoted to film/video post, studio acoustics, and equipment classified ads.


Internet Movie Database (imdb.com)
Cast, crew, and occasional trivia for just about every movie ever made—Hollywood features, made-for-TV, low budget indies, the works.


Very active discussion group, managed by veteran Hollywood mixer and Oscar nominee Jeff Wexler, and populated by film professionals. Lots of topics (primarily about location and production sound), question-and-answer threads, and both technical and philosophical discussions. Free registration required to post, but anyone can read and search the threads.


Quantel Limited (quantel.com)
This film and video equipment manufacturer has assembled a large downloadable library on digital audio and video, workflows, and interchange systems.


Rane Corporation (rane.com/tech.html)
Rane makes equipment for commercial sound installations. Click the “Reference” tab on this page for a library of downloadable booklets, and a complete technical dictionary.


Rycote’s Microphone Database (microphone-data.com)
Published specifications for thousands of professional and semi-pro microphones, sponsored by this manufacturer of professional shock mounts and windscreens.


Video University (videouniversity.com)
This site has a few basic articles on audio, plus a lot of information about the technology and business of video.



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Good general book on the entire post process: picture, sound, VFX, color, final delivery...






I've been doing this stuff for decades, and I discovered there were still a few things to learn in this book. 

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