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Pocket AES to analogue converter?


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does anybody know a 2ch, small, portable, light and battery supplied AES-3 to analogue line level converter?

I'm looking for something to make some line inputs suitable for occasional use with AES signals.

Any ideas? I go mad since I don't find any device like that.

Greets Mungo

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There are plenty of pocket s/pdif to RCA analog converters. They come with wall warts, but easy enough to replace with batteries... it's not like they draw much current. (I use ones from Gefen... AFAIK, the same guys who used to sell sound effects!)

AES3 to s/pdif in is just a couple of resistors.

RCA -10 dBV unbalanced analog out depends on your line inputs.

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I've used these for years.  You can build a workable PSU that uses 4 AA batteries and it will run for many hours.  I've sent it digital audio from various Sound Devices recorders and it worked just fine.  Consumer level out.



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12 hours ago, RPSharman said:

What are you plugging into what?

I am looking for ways of cleverly increasing track count using my 788T to feed extra channels into my 664. 

I would like to use wireless receivers with AES out (Sennheiser EK 6042 and Sony DWR-S02DN) on the inputs 4-6 on the 633 and 7-12 on the 664. The analogue output level of these receivers is too low and I've made thoughts trying a different way.

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