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Zoom F8 sd slot 1 creating noise


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I bought zoom F8 year ago.

i have problem since day 1 of my recording assignment.


  1. Sennheiser g3 lav
  2. F8
  3. Slot 1
  4. Rec mode 48k 24bits, poly8+LR
  5. Power mode- Ac
  6. Tc 24Fps RTC


With this setup , moderate Distance in Between Tx n Rx , 

In standby all good, when i hit Record key on F8 , some times i hear pulse type noise in my Headphone. And of course it's being Record in file. :(

I checked and played back same file .. first 6 sec. are clean (i kept 6 sec preroll) after that pulse are in files..  


I did some RND and testing with different system configurations.  i found that, when I  increased sample rate from 48 to 192, that noise. Getting faster speed and stronger than 48k file noise. 





Means i cant record 192k in my F8 with wireless mic, as well as sometime with 48k...

But no problem at all with hard wired Boom Mic. 

(Wht t fk....is this.)


Alternatively, i just swiped same sd card in to slot 2 , sounds cool with 192k. When recording only in sd slot 2..... 





Friends, whats the wrong with my gig ? Anything missing from my side?? 

Is my F8 slot 1 faulty or my entire F8 is from BAD batch????

Or is it  problem while File writing  on SD. (swiped slot, no prob)???


Does anybody have this problem. ??

Anyone's here from zooms technical Department or know why this is happening????????

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This is from a bad batch. I bought my F8 in 2016 as well from B&H in NYC. It worked well until January 2020. I've had the same card writing noise at all sample rates in SD slot 1. It's poor design from Zoom where the shielding on the SD Slot 1 goes bad or is non-existent. Zoom has not addressed this issue with all of us who have had problems. They will just tell you to take it to their service center. And in a country like India, it's just how service centres will extort money from you. It's unfortunate but this is our situation. Hope you've had some luck. 

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