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Update to gh5 that incorporates TC I/O:

Another feature that will entice serious videographers is the GH5S’s Timecode In/Out compatibility, which is easy to set using the flash sync terminal and bundled coaxial cable for a BNC terminal. The camera can be used as a Timecode generator for other GH5S models and professional camcorders, and the functionality makes multi-camera productions pain-free by instantly synchronising recordings to other cameras or audio devices.
Read more at http://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/panasonic-gh5s#kwMYVDH32GOMFW4q.99



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I was super stoked when I saw the Panasonic GH5S, as not only is it groundbreaking with say its awesome lowlight and DCI 4K 60fps, but also more importantly for us it is the first stills camera to have a TC input on the camera body itself. 

Even blogged about it before the official announcement, as soon as the specs leaked:


However, early reports are maybe the TC isn't working so perfectly, so let's hold our breath for now to see how it actually performs once it is shipping. The shipping GH5S might have fixed this in firmware vs the pre-release ones at the moment. 

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I'll be very surprised if Sony delivers any of the features like dual native ISO, 10bit, waveforms, or TC with the a7Smk3. And by the time the a7Smk3 ships then the GH5S will have been around long enough we might start to see some little sale prices on it. 

The FS5mk2 probably will get FS7 specs but in a smaller form factor, perhaps. But that is at a totally different price point to a GH5S, and who knows how long away the next FS series camera update is. Perhaps not at all this year, or perhaps not. 

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