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  1. Tom Visser

    HiQ battery > Magsafe 2

    Apple used to make and airline DC to MagSafe adapter. That would probably be the path of least resistance, but to be safe I might go with a regulated 12v output from your battery rather than feeding the circuits of the adapter an unregulated 14.4v tap.
  2. Tom Visser

    Sony F5 - F55 - FS7 RF Spray problems.

    Sony may have brought it up in their own forums, but not specific to Sony, in that I've experienced it with Panasonic for sure, and probably Arri / Canon shoots too. It may be worse with Sony perhaps, but certainly not exclusive to them.
  3. Tom Visser

    Sony F5 - F55 - FS7 RF Spray problems.

    also video operators love to use thin, flexible, poorly shielded BNC cable, where nice thick quad shielded cables with proper terminations will eliminate most of the spray. the video transmitter itself can also be an issue - the worst I've seen is companies that like to buy the parts themselves and build home-brew enclosures for them, great idea since the parts are readily available to purchase, but often times not built by office PAs with an engineering background.
  4. Tom Visser

    MKH40 outdoor - rycote baseball vs babyball

    Babyball, baseball is pretty much an indoor thing and will mostly lead to frustration when used outside if the wind comes up.
  5. Tom Visser

    Noisy Environments

    My takeaway from this thread is that you can’t fix the location problems and you can’t fix the producing problem regarding budget for ADR. In other words you can apply tricks of the trade and even without ADR post team may be able to salvage the scene, but ultimately it will be a substandard product. When that happens, you want to be in the position where you are on record for suggesting ADR, not that what you are doing is going to “fix the location”. The decision to ADR or not is going to happen in the future without you involved other than being one of the technically minded voices that have suggested it from the beginning. The alternate is for you to say that you think you can make it work by recording this super specific ambience track, but then when the decision to ADR is made, now it is because of empty promises and technical deficiency on your part.
  6. Tom Visser

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    in memory of my mates... Matt, Darin, Seth, Raul, and Steve
  7. Tom Visser

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    I just orderer a UWP ch14 set - seems infinitely useful as a hop for A7 and FS sony cameras, emergency extra 2 lavs, or for doing favors for close associates when they need to borrow something. I think for everything Alexa I'll stick with my existing ERX TC+audio flow.
  8. Tom Visser

    Alt monitor (c|24) to HDMI?

    what your looking for is an HDMI audio embedder. You can find them on eBay for $50+ dollars or you can go for a more pro level one like BlackMagic or AJA.
  9. Tom Visser

    So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    I don’t care if high end or low end or who makes it. It needs to record, not fail when I need it, have a mechanical / tactile record button or switch (joysticks do not apply), sound good - both recording and monitoring, and be able to see meters in full bright sun. I love the 788t overall, but it has failed me too many times for my liking. 6 series, Mix Pre, anything zoom, anything Zaxcom, pretty much anything with an LCD - I simply can’t see the screens in the sun - acceptable for menu settings routing, but unacceptable for metering. literally the only recorder which satisfied my needs was the Cantar X2. I didn’t want to buy a $14k recorder (without accessories) but logically, given my requirements, I didn’t have a choice. If I switched over to narrative cart mixing, maybe the X3 might make sense to “keep it in the family”, but that’s not my primary work and not sure about the direction aaton has gone with super LCD panel. So if I ever do outgrow 8 channels, very interested to see future options, even if it comes from Zoom, but hopefully someone like Sound Devices or Zaxcom.
  10. Tom Visser

    So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    I'm just trying to "catch up" on NAB on the internetz - is it right to say that there is almost nothing audio related at NAB this year other than a "Rode" ambisonic mic and an improved Zoom recorder? I guess I'm buying a couple more Lectro SSM to flesh out my kit this year and maybe the new Lectro IEM system - was really hoping for a more portable transmitter though before I jumped in.
  11. Tom Visser

    Microdot on transmitter

    you'll have to contact DPA directly for purchase options. There is the DQA0026 crimper, plus some other ancillary tools / bits and pieces to make it work as well as the necessary terminations and potentially having to account for bias resistor too.
  12. Tom Visser

    Microdot on transmitter

    I don’t think it is more robust but is cheaper to terminate and can be done quickly in the field if you invest in the tools.
  13. Tom Visser

    Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    You can use an AJA ADA-4 to perform the SRC externally - not a perfect solution but a solution nonetheless.
  14. Tom Visser

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    I can understand the sentiment, but I do note there are a few forces at play here: 1) prices of good gear is dropping - partly to do with companies like Zoom, for example, introducing accessible professional level equipment, and a shift from traditional narrative filmmaking to the mass of television programming and non-traditional narrative productions. (this shift has already mostly happened but is continuing and changing along with the times). 2) our expectations are rising - we want our equipment to do more, have remote control, to have back up recordings, IFB / utility sends, be smaller, be lighter, be as rugged as the gear before it was... When I first started out I needed to buy the biggest mixer / recorder that I think I might have needed for a couple years out. Now I want to have ready to go kits that are configured as 3 channel, 4-8 channel, and cart. I don't want to have to reconfigure gear outside of plugging in slot receivers or modules, just grab and go, and don't feel the traditional sound bag is the ideal form factor either. If I had any love at all for Zaxcom ENG recorders and they had built in QRX receiver modules, I would have been all in the Zaxcom camp. If Sound Devices' merger allows them to make a recorder with integrated wireless features, I'll be all in on that product (in Hawaii I demand to be able to see the screen / meters in the worst case scenario near-equatorial sun - I do spend a lot of 12 hour days hiking rough terrain or spending all day on the beach). Hell, if Lectro wants to give it a go and makes my 4-channel recorder with SR slot and Duet IEM, I'd buy that. At the end of the day, close cooperation or owning the technology will help manufacturers achieve this goal of advanced integration, so I'm not necessarily for big mergers, but on the other hand can't help but to be excited to see what develops out of it.
  15. Tom Visser

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    Hey I’d give you guys a shot if you made a larger recorder. There’s still missing a good 3 channel mixer (1 pre 2 line) / 4 channel recorder which accounts for a good portion of my smaller jobs. (Having an SR slot and nice digital IEM system built in would be a bonus). I absolutely love sound devices as a company but I have a pretty stringent requirement in the gear that I use - for me, must have sunlight readable screen / meters, which means the last (major) sound devices product I purchased is a 442 and still use occasionally to this day. Every time I look at a modern SD mixpre or 6 series unit, the outdoor unfriendly LCD screen eliminates them as a candidate.