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NYC Help - Need some batteries and maybe a boom op!!

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Hi all - 


I am having my first go at producing a film. Total budget for production is $75k. We have not raised any money for post or festivals or anything. We are shooting at a friend's parent's house in Fairfield, CT. He is the writer, and producing along with me. The director also co-wrote and is a friend. We are flying as a group of friends out to the East Coast and staying in the house where we will shoot 8 or 9 of the 12 day schedule. We have a single camera from Chivo's DIT, who is also showing up for free to help out (the DIT, not Chivo himself). Another friend has lent a sprinter van full of G&E gear which we're driving out from Kansas City. I am bringing the sound gear, and my friend and boom op will mix. We are mostly 2 characters, so he will boom too, as will I if needed. But I'm hoping to just be producing, as that will be enough work! Our entire budget is basically paying cast and feeding everyone.


My gap in my sound gear is batteries. I don't do a lot of portable work And I really don't want to contend with flying with a bunch of batteries.


Wondering if anyone here would like to rent me (or even better lend me) 6x NP1s, a 4-bank charger, and 2x XLR NP1 cups. Just running a 664 and 2 wireless most of the time. We have 3 days where I might run 3x 411 and an SRC. I am also wondering about iPowers and whether to fly them, but I will have chargers for those at the very least if someone wanted to include a dozen of those in the package.


I have checked in with Gotham too, but thought I'd ask here.


Shooting Feb 5th - 19th


Additionally, if anyone wants to pop out for a day or two to lend a hand on the few days where we have bigger scenes, the help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure we'll have any money to spare, but if we do, we are paying a few people CT minimum wage ($125-150/day more or less) and we could probably do the same. But it might also have to be deferred - Don't all line up at once!! I know this is something everyone wants to do ;-)


We also need a Gaffer and a Key Grip, if anyone knows of any cheery young'ns who have G&E experience, but would like to get an HOD credit. Must be local enough to Fairfield, CT so we don't have to stress about people driving tired. Although I am going to make every effort to be 12 on 12 off.


There. That's the pitch. Sorry, guys :-(

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NPs should be no problem taking on a plane as carry on, same with iPowers.  Don't check them.  TSA might give you a problem with carrying them on, but TSA is mostly dunce caps, so bring a print out of the FAA guidelines on lithium batteries.  Assuming your TSA agent is capable of reading, you should be fine.

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On 1/21/2018 at 6:35 AM, Jesse Flaitz said:

Assuming your TSA agent is capable of reading

You are being very generous. 

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