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R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND Party - NAB 2018

Jeff Wexler

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Quoting Penny Lane: "It's all happening!" --- the annual R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND Party is happening this year on Tuesday, April 10th. This year we will be in a new place, having outgrown Satay Bistro we will be at  the new Firefly's on Paradise. For several years before moving to Satay Bistro, we had the party at the old Firefly's --- now for this year, the 28th, we'll be at the new and expanded Firefly's.

Firefly logo.jpg



RSVP at http://bit.ly/2BLf7ZH  secret word: Topstick


Firefly on Paradise
3824 PARADISE RD / LAS VEGAS / 702.369.3971
April 10th, 2018.  6:30pm - 9:30pm 

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Sorry for the delay in preparing the RSVP form this year. Work and sickness threw me out of whack. But it's ready now.


If you plan to attend the RAMPS/JWSOUND party, YOU MUST RSVP by April 5


But as in past years, RSVPing is a simple process:


1) Go to this web form:



2) Enter the secret word (really; we need that to eliminate possible bots and spam):



3) Enter your name, email if you want to be informed of (unlikely) changes in our plans, and extra notes.


3.5) Please don't add notes saying something like "I'll be bringing three friends."

We need a separate RSVP for each person coming. It's a short form and will help us make sure we order enough food and stuff.


4) Please RSVP no later than April 5. Again, so we can order enough food.



That's it! Thanks!

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Hi Everyone,


As we get closer to NAB, hopefully more people have decided if they will or won't be attending this year.


If you will be at NAB and plan to attend the RAMPS/JWSound party, please RSVP as soon as you can. That really helps us plan the event.


RSVP link: 



Secret word: Topstick




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Just about last call to register for our RAMPS/JWSound party. If you're planning on joining us, please register within the next two days so we know how much food to order.


Also: The registration link and secret word has been passed around on various spots on the net. That might mean that Firefly is a bit crowded with mixers we don't know from here. Mixed bag (<--- almost a pun): more new people to meet, but we're getting close to capacity. Looks like we'll be fine and will all have a good time, but I ask that you not share this registration info elsewhere. We want to make sure all interested RAMPS/JWSound denizens get in. Does that sound good? (<-- almost another pun)


So register now and see you next week.


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17 minutes ago, Jeff Wexler said:

Yes, there most certainly will be an NAB party this year. I am putting up a Save The Date notice very soon. This year marks the 29th year for the r.a.m.p.s. NAB party that morphed into the r.a.m.p.s./jwsound party in 2006. Watch for the announcement coming soon.

Excellent! I know it's a little early, but I'm planning out work trips for the entire year. 

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