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URSA soft circles

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Did anybody on this forum try the URSA soft circles and had good results with them? I usually use the rycote overcover with people wearing t-shirt because il helps with the wind for outside shoots and for inside shoots it dampen noise created by hairy chest. One day I had a bit more time to wire talents so i decided to try the URSA soft circles but they turned out to be very noisy (when rubing against skin or hair), way more than Rycote undercover....very unpleasant to go back to talents (four of them) to remove everything and rewire everybody with the good old overcover.


I thought URSA soft circles would be a good alternative for situations where talents sweat a lot and the overcover is completely soaked, because the URSA material seems to be more water repelent. I noticed the two side of the circles are a little bit different in texture maybe this is where i am doing it wrong?

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I tried the same and failed too. I stick to the overcovers-technic for a while longer. Next test of that kind gonna be the "The Piece-A-Fur or The Invisible LAV Covers FUR OUTDOOR" from bubblebee industries.

But I have good results, when using the soft circles as mild wind and pop-sound protection on RM-11 concealer. 

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