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  1. Guys, this won´t be final! The EU and US will negotiate further... just think of the 10% duties Germany has on US cars forever... We are now witnessing the foreplay of things to come...
  2. Mike G

    Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    Thanks Bryan for the update on the topic! Larry, I think you're 100% right. Thanks for sorting that out.
  3. Mike G

    Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    The same happened to me too a couple of weeks ago, when using Sennheiser G3s and MKE-2s in a cooking show. I had several different induction ovens in the set/shoot. So the interference on the G3s was from non to extrem noise gate. I had a room tone boom too, so in post we fixed the gated sound in the mix. Anyway, I found this plausible explanation by Larry: So if you guys have a chance, use other transmitters than G2 - G3, when shooting with induction. Any experience with other brands, besides Sennheiser?
  4. Mike G

    URSA soft circles

    Hey, I tried the same and failed too. I stick to the overcovers-technic for a while longer. Next test of that kind gonna be the "The Piece-A-Fur or The Invisible LAV Covers FUR OUTDOOR" from bubblebee industries. But I have good results, when using the soft circles as mild wind and pop-sound protection on RM-11 concealer.
  5. Mike G

    My Tram-TR50 Technique

    Hey Paul, thanks to your trick, my Trams are back to the game. Thank you for sharing this.
  6. Mike G

    Noise on the return cable from FS7

    Marla, I experienced the same noisey "off tape" sound on different cameras, like FS7, PDW 700, 5D... ) in combination with different sound gear. It´s almost as if you hear the camera working. On FS7 and PDW 700 I literately hear the REC trigger button and on PDWs the laser/disc running. But the on camera recordings always turn out clean. I think it´s cheap internal design/shielding of the headphone amps mostly.