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Hey Guys, thought this may be of interest. I've just done a fun job recording a Jaguar F Type Race Car. (see photo below) Some of the audio was captured by mics placed in and around the car, however, the fun part was being strapped into the back of the follow truck (a V8 Dodge) whilst we went round the track with the car in hot pursuit.


So, I planted a Zoom H4N in the engine bay with a Sure SM58. I planted a Sanken Cos11 on the interior centre console of the jag, attached to a Micron TX and another identical rig on the rear of the car at a centre point between the exhaust tail pipes.  I dialled down the gain on the Zoom H4N to 10 and set the Micron TXs to level 1. These are pretty much the lowest gain settings I could get. The Zoom rig was just a "set and go", but the results were great. I had scope on my SD 633 to dial up decent levels for the Microns and again the results were good. I was unsure if the Cos11 on the back of the car would cope with the SPL from the exhaust level but it coped remarkably well.

  I used my trusty Rode NTG-3 for the follow shots and later on I captured some really cool "fly bys".

Has anyone done something similar and how did you do it? Would be very interested to hear from you. Paul. 

PS. I had a very happy client!


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Sounds like a sweet gig. 


my only idea is using a M/S rig for fly by's. 


There's more than one way to skin a cat! (Jag) 


I like your idea of the Zoom/sm58 in the engine bay. 

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