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  1. Get em' while there 40% off! Amazon Pelican Deal of the Day! -Moved to different section, more relevant.
  2. Agreed. You went to use your functioning equipment. It failed. Regardless of definition, the equipment worked and then it did not by no fault of your own. Your out the money you spent to provide working equipment. That requires compensation for loss or ( damages). If one rents a hotel room and doesent sleep in the room one still pays for said room. Especially if reason for not staying was inability to use room caused by their party. Maybe the room is rentable after repair maybe it only takes a good cleaning, but that’s the owners discretion not the renter. Permanently damage is not necessary. The item is no longer guaranteed mission critical trustworthy. I agree with the argument that if someone caused equipment failure, that constitutes need for replacement, in addition to rental fee. This is a business not a hobby. You didn’t make it so that you have to verify your equipment and pay for bench time. Miss you buddy, Hope your doing well. D
  3. I dealt with issue when producer asked how to use iPad to get timecode accurate display for notes. The software ended up being cost prohibitive. In theory it would have worked with an iRig+TC nanoLockit velcro'd to the back. This is how to get line level signal into an iPad + software that recognizes it. Link, iRig P.s I am going to check out Auria App for iPad/iOs tomorrow! Thanks!
  4. Yeah, I left out the part where I say I’m using a rosendhal for my TC master clock.
  5. You read my mind. This is great info. Thanks for posting.
  6. I feel required to respond, I posted that image as an oppositional argument. I have, and always will think in an oppositional format. It has nothing to do with real or not real issues. I deeply appreciate your input no matter your position or opposition. With that being said, I would like to put the lid back onto this particular can of worms. The conclusion I have come to is that the waves on the beach( problematic issues) will never stop, it is best to catch a good ride when a nice wave comes along.
  7. “Initially, the term space debris referred to the natural debris found in the solar system: asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. However, with the 1979 beginning of the NASA Orbital Debris Program, the term also refers to the debris from the mass of defunct, artificially created objects in space, especially Earth orbit.” I was referring to the artificially created objects in Earth orbit, as opposed to an asteroid colliding with the satellite before eventually causing a catastrophic end of the world. Theres basically trash everywhere. Oceans, land space was my main point.
  8. What if on a job and some space junk collides with the satellite TX'ing TC/GPS signal? Googlemaps is the big dog in the GPS business and my phone still regularly makes mistakes. Despite capturing every minute detail and aspect of my life they still cannot tell if I'm walking north up the street or south down the street, or if I am on the frontage road or the freeway. Unless there is a revolutionary groundbreaking technological breakthrough, I think I'll just stick to Lockit's and JB-1's. I like to think there are people sitting at a desk getting a salary from Ambient and Deneke to have these types of conversations for us.
  9. Hey all, I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with this test monitor? Digital Forecast Bridge x TS I want to use it to trouble shoot projectors and camera feeds in addition to being able to generate a test pattern grid on location. Any input appreciated, this seems to be the only solution besides using two components. ( a monitor and test generator). Thanks!
  10. I got a skunk that crawled under my house. I woke up at 5AM smelling gas. I thought it was gasoline in my bedroom, turns out it was Pepé le Pew. 1. Skunks hate the sound of human voices and are nocturnal, so all day the skunk gets: The Hunchback of Notre Dame audio book through a bluetooth speaker placed in the crawlspace vent. 2. Being nocturnal, Skunks hate light: Two flashlights on strobe in the vents pointed under the house. 3. Once I am certain Pepe has found a new home, I will seal off where Pepe "broke in". "Generic Skunk Mugshot" I thought about buying a motion activated game camera, but don't really want to put any money into this issue. P.S. I have no interest in harming this animal or causing harm to any animals.
  11. links? pics? does it really exist? Shure Twinplex Link
  12. I've been spoiled. Most of my orders from Markertek are free shipping. Can't beat $5.76/12' bucks for Mogami W2697. No Tax, No Ship cost.
  13. Update firmware and and format cards.
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