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  1. Velour MDR-7506 replacement ear pads BH only $14 Bring those babies back to life!
  2. Just curious, how/why are the files from the Atomos Ninja being used in Post? Nevermind, found it. Enables ProRes Raw capture with smaller, more cost-effective, mirrorless cameras
  3. I stumbled across these videos on youtube some time ago. They are the best I have seen. "If you go to page 3 of your NASA handbook". Lol.
  4. Try to find some that doesn’t say “ non toxic”. The toxic makes it flow easier and shine. Just wear gloves! I have a couple different brands of solder. The really good stuff is no longer available. Use a wick, flux and 99% alcohol. Do you have a magnifying glass with alligator clips for arms? Take pics. You can crank up the heat just don’t melt the xlr pin loose from the insert. Less solder is more. More solder doesn’t make it better, solder only holds the wire.
  5. When I go to the car mechanic the first thing I always ask is how can I do this job myself? Then I ask where he buys his auto parts and if I can have his same discount. Finally I ask him how to do how to do something he has mastered over years by blood sweat and tears. Funny, he never has a nice answer.
  6. DJI drones go 6 miles on 2.4Ghz. I have no clue how they did it. I have gone about 2 miles out, feels like it shouldn't work but it does. It can only be a matter of time before this trickles down to Wireless audio.
  7. Oooooooh. No wonder it wouldn't come off! I thought it had to come off too! I just found this!
  8. Welcome! Shure Webinar: Best Practice for Wireless Antenna Set Up Check out 31:00, they explain it allot better than I could. They entire video is very informative and will give you insight into what to do and why.
  9. Hey all, Is anyone using a Yamaha QL1 for production audio recording? Do you use one in a studio setting? I don't feel like I'm getting the full potential out of this thing. I have specific questions but want to get general input on if anyone uses it and if they like it. Thanks everyone!
  10. Hey Mark, I want a bowl of m&m's with no blue one's. If I see one blue m&m then the deal is off. I will work for one day, but I want two days paid lunch's. I will sign away my life for an iPhone so I want you to throw in a free iPhone. I want 10 individual $1 shares and that is non negotiable. Miss you buddy... I will PM you.
  11. Is this real or just a joke? Asking for a friend...
  12. I go filter with paper mask over. I got a I'm double filtered in, and single filtered out. I've gotten then thumbs down wearing gator cloth mask's from production and the explanation was the nanometer of the virus particle is smaller than the woven cloth width. Made sense and I silently agreed. @PMC🤣
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