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  1. Hahaha. Just get it close enough. Unless you’re going full Neumann fritz. The fritz is an actual head with two mics for ears made by Neuman. The mics are pointed into the ear canal to get as close to the ear drum as possible in order to replicate the users natural hearing. It uses the ear shape of the user. You could get some old Sony headphones and ruban some 4060’s to make it work, it won’t be all DPA pretty but it will function identically. I’d say capsules facing forward similar to the cup of the ear.
  2. Is it a no no for someone to go to “Europe” and come home with a few units that do both?
  3. I worked on a performance with 21 talent. Principle talents mic went down. If I had 2 it would have solved the issue. I ended up swapping him with a talent with less dialogue. The stage manager went out onstage and stopped the show, It was a wifi audio technica Rx/Tx that went out of sync but if I put on 2 it would have solved the problem. They were already hot swapping the wireless packs as it was, so I believe that was where the pack got disconnected. Also it was just children’s theater but still. Lesson learned. It was good to experience the failure side of what you are all discussing as a learning experience not a “ never work in this town again” experience.
  4. Rent 2 shure axient 12 channel rack mounted kits 3 rack units, 4 channels per, will take up some space and weight. Have 4 spare wireless, trust me. Wireless workbench the freq’s and Dante into 2 Scorpio’s. Scorpios Dugan is limited to 16 channels. Done. You’re gonna have your work cut out for you mic’ing up 20 people. Seems doable. Go to the parking lot a few days before and do a scan. Arrive with 24 freqs ready to roll. No syncing or setting freqs on the day. If anything is not working or whatever you just grab a spare and it’s already freqs, syncd and patched. Wrangling 20 people is gonna be fun, the less involved you are the better. I’d suggest going clockwise/ counter whatever in chairs/channel order so you can visually see what channel is speaking and confirm it on your track meters. Sounds fun.
  5. Every time I bring mine, everyone else has there’s and then the extra one sitting in the road case. I got to use mine for the first time recently after owning it for 6 years. Seems like a poor investment. Seeing as how we live in a disposable economy, no body trouble shoots or repairs in the first place. It’s always just replace it and get a backup cable. So, in short, I feel cable testers are a niche item. What are you gonna do with a bad hdmi? Repair it? No. Replace it and see if the new one works? Yea. Sure a cable tester would confirm your assumptions but so would swapping the cable. Perhaps for installation jobs it would be more handy but ymmv. 😋 I use a tone plug 48v sine wave signal generator and a Q-Box. I’ve been eyeing this one, but as I said, no spending money anymore! https://sonnect.com/product/sound-bullet/ This thing is stupid cool 😎 ☝️
  6. Buy one that doesn’t work and paint it first to see what works best??? Good luck though because there’s a gentleman buying them up to repair. Also be aware these can sometimes touch skin and sweat has a way of breaking down everything known to man.
  7. A1 and G. G downtown and A1 other places. Allot of rental gear is in the 600’s. The A block seems kinda risky. But honestly I’ve had your entire spectrum range and still have problems. But to start I’d suggest A1 and G. I spend most of my time inside hotels or conventions centers. I recall having issues in rooms next to large windows and when gear is mismatched (analog LAV wired on digital TX) elevated noise floor and hiss, the funny part was it would go away when we changed freqs but would creep back in at random.
  8. I tried a year ago and it turned into a subscription scam, don’t do it. It’s totally possible but the software has been hijacked by hackers and scammers. If you find a non scammy non subscription based file recovery software please please share.
  9. I’m just gonna leave this little random factoid of knowledge… Inside the factory TA5f connectors is loc tite. If you hold a soldering iron on it for a minute or two, then it comes apart (unscrews) just like all TA5f connectors do. They also inject clear hot glue. If your really Savy and use soft nosed pliers, it’s possible to salvage the factory rear strain relief and rear of the TA5f( the female threads) then re terminate it into anTA4f or whatever. I went through this process but didn’t take good pictures. I really enjoyed the process of figuring out how DPA made their connectors. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard the microdot is the weak point, the strain relief, etc…
  10. Why don’t we all agree to push a National rate that is determined by the highest rental rate? $100 per camera??? Any nay sayers. I’m looking at you Iowa 😜. I’m sure with the hive mind we could come up with some strategies to get your rate up!
  11. You mean this??? KRON) — The first Bay Area sideshows took place in the parking lot of a McDonald's, across the street from Oakland's Eastmont Mall. They involved young men, some drug dealers, flush with cash showing off their flashy cars while locals from the neighborhood gathered to watch. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XjBaNryXCWc
  12. Looks like unbalanced. Which should still be cool. Just be careful with the cooper, don’t short the in/out by accident. Make sure they’re separated until your 100 💯 certain.
  13. TS/ tip sleeve- unbalanced TRS/ tip ring sleeve- balanced 99% it’s gonna be a TRS balanced out. (Stereo) I like that.
  14. I just mic’d up my first non human. I’ve done car tones/instrument panel sounds. Today I put a mic on a non-human robot. It’s just a lav mic in front of a speaker. Anybody else done this? With all the Ai talk, I thought I’d share my experience.
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