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  1. Dalton Patterson

    Gear hire in Shenzhen, China

    My Fiancé is from Shenzhen. Let us all know how it works out for you. Your wise to secure a backup. Things happen. Best of luck!
  2. Dalton Patterson

    View From The Office:

    Fairmont Hotel SF
  3. Dalton Patterson

    Looking for female sound mixer

    FYI-I was just told yesterday that I need to have more of an ego to make it in this business. Caveat Audiens
  4. Dalton Patterson

    Marantz Carbon Fiber Boompole?

    KTEK, AMBIENT, LOON or a broom stick. Broom from Amazon for same price with 2 spares. +1
  5. Dalton Patterson

    Recommendations for a PA Setup for an Outdoor Movie Screening

    These knock. Bose Or JBL for $100 less Get a "put put" 2K silent Honda Gen and your in business.
  6. Dalton Patterson

    sound blankets berlin

    Sound blankets are basically thick moving and storage blanket pads. I would question any company that says it is making specifically sound isolating pads that look identical to a furniture moving pad in my storage unit. $143 EURO from noyz boyz Maybe this blanket is a larger size? VS. $20.49 US from USCargoControl But you could buy 10 of these for that price. I'm just sayin... $as If you call a moving and storage company they will probably be glad to sell you some used or extra blankets they have stacked to the ceiling.
  7. Dalton Patterson

    V-Mic D3 Pro

    Is this JWSound’s new advertising? ”For Glen”
  8. Dalton Patterson

    On My Radio

  9. Dalton Patterson

    Why I'm sick (Literally)

    "An unsteady camera used to be lambasted as the shoddy workmanship of a bad director. Now, hacks jerk the camera around to up their artistic credibility and are praised for a “realistic” approach." Shaky Camera's article "The other day I watched Man of Steel on Blu Ray, and I was really struck by how shaky all the camera work was. I realize this is the modern “hip style.” But personally I can’t imagine how people sat through this film on the big screen without getting nauseous. Can anyone explain this to me?" Modern look of shaken camera " Several cinematographers believe in hand-held camera for certain shots. It helps put the audience in the middle of the action, rather than a floating god-head simply observing it. To this end there’s often practical reasons for it, a 40lb rig will not fit well between two actors who are fighting, and isn’t agile enough to move quickly through an active battle full of several actors and extras. It can also provide a documentary feel to a moment, like the viewer is following the lead through a space. This is also handy if the camera is POV in that instant, some shake from walking makes it feel more human. Finally, it can add tension to a scene. If someone is unstable, or angry, or fearful than their static shot can have a little shake in it. That way the camera has some figurative insight into the mind of the character, it helps them tell the story. Bourne is a good example, the more tense the scene the more unstable the shot." Why Shaky Camera is a joke "Jan. 24, 2008 -- Scan the news and blogs and not only do you see that Cloverfield had a record-breaking opening weekend, but there was an unforeseen side effect: nausea. And it didn't come from the popcorn, or the writing -- but the camerawork." Cloverfield Illness Dear Camera Department, Please stop moving the camera and causing motion sickness. Please use your tripods and expensive stabilizing equipment. Sincerely, Dalton
  10. Dalton Patterson

    Sound on A Star Is Born

    Howcome the first 26 minutes are nothing? lol... come on video people.
  11. Dalton Patterson

    Sound on A Star Is Born

    The sound was incredible. The levels weren't blown out or over compressed. I really enjoyed the listening aspect of this movie. In the final solo, I noticed the sound go to its highest level of the entire movie. This effect made me take notice and I appreciated the sound editor not making the entire movie ear shattering. This increase in sound level also assured me that the Theater house sound was turned up loud enough. I have just one comment. I watched this movie from the last row of my local Theater. I still got motion sickness. I am not sure if the theater is correctly calibrated for video projection or I am sensitive to motion sickness. However, I feel the Camera operator wiggling the camera and adding movement causes motion sickness. This seems to be a popular thing to do these days, I see moving camera shots and wiggling frames constantly. I would like to start a discussion about the subject of modern camera operators and directors of photography deliberately causing motion sickness whilst trying to stay hip and current. I cannot watch the tv sitcom "The Office" and most reality television. Am I alone?
  12. Dalton Patterson

    Red Gemini Time Code Input

    I circled the input.
  13. Dalton Patterson

    DPA slim cable getting stiff and brakes

    Here is my idea of a stiff cable.
  14. Dalton Patterson

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    This thread is verging on epic.
  15. Dalton Patterson

    Red Gemini Time Code Input

    I know brother. Hope your doing well.