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  1. Hey Mark, I want a bowl of m&m's with no blue one's. If I see one blue m&m then the deal is off. I will work for one day, but I want two days paid lunch's. I will sign away my life for an iPhone so I want you to throw in a free iPhone. I want 10 individual $1 shares and that is non negotiable. Miss you buddy... I will PM you.
  2. Is this real or just a joke? Asking for a friend...
  3. I go filter with paper mask over. I got a I'm double filtered in, and single filtered out. I've gotten then thumbs down wearing gator cloth mask's from production and the explanation was the nanometer of the virus particle is smaller than the woven cloth width. Made sense and I silently agreed. @PMC🤣
  4. We tend to eat our own around here Alex. Most disrespectful or hurtful comment's come from a place of respect and wanting to help. I like to think of it like Bee's protecting the honey that they love. If you get stung once or twice, don't give up.
  5. It falls on you as the DP to stand up for your co-worker/business associates. I've never heard a sound guy say " oh I just need to put this camera on sticks and we're rolling!". You will never hear me say "we don't need a DP, I can get usable footage". It's all about we not about me. I know how to use lenses, what focal length, shutter speed, ISO, color temp, you name it. I get asked frequently to use the camera and decline because I know someone wants that job way more than I do. I would be taking their position and pay from them while doing a poor job at
  6. I wrote way of topic. So I will start a new thread.
  7. I wish 2020 would pass away. I'm all out of tears. I met him in Vegas a few years back. I had no concept of his achievements. I could tell he was a big deal, he was very polite and cool with me. Eric posted a comment in one of my threads and I noticed immediately.
  8. Oh wow. You gotta see it to believe.
  9. Please let me know if you need help with cable management/fabrication.
  10. Shure probably won't make an RX that fits in a bag in this decade. Yes the Axient stuff sounds excellent but still has a 3MS delay. The delay is in the AD>DA. From what I was told, this wasn't enough of an issue with the current consumers. Shure still always has a place in my kit. Syncing the frequencies between the rack RX and the TX's on the Shure Axient system is a dream... Funny how they used the Shure UR5 RX chassis for all Axient RX's. My next investment will be a Sony wireless system. Same here, but with MAHA's.
  11. Have you compared it to a CMC641_INT Cabled_SD-MM1_A10TX setup? I can't believe the A10TX Pre's compare, but if they do, I would like to hear about it. This might be better for another thread. A10 VS. SD-MM1 Best, D
  12. I might be back end of August. I took a CoV-19 Compliance certification course end of July. I hope the internal battery on my SD664 still holds...
  13. Set something up and see how long it last's. I bet not too long. Going from cold to hot kills most components quickly. Make test recordings and post them here for us to criticize and eviscerate. That criticism will be valuable information. Also be aware that someone hiking/walking that see's this object might steal it. I suggest a laptop cable type lock in addition to a small contact/ info card. Maybe even lie and say "this device has GPS tracking"… Someone else posted asking about same type of project and I suggested an actual outdoor weatherproof microphone. They are
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