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  1. It’s not you, there’s a recent uptick in first time posts from first time users asking first time questions. It feels like AI Bots learning our weaknesses, and how to sell us more shure microphones. Similarly to how email subject lines are probed to slip through spam mail. Its my problem not you in anyway. Welcome to JW, Cheers, D
  2. Is this a first time post???
  3. Alright, I'll go out on a limb here for you. Seeing as how I called you a bot. I almost rented a house from Ben Burt. That basically makes me Lucas certified. What worked for me in school was to go out and record a dozen or so "sound effects". I used a Zoom H4, and went around the Bay Area. I recorded baseball games, bart trains, china town fireworks, Muni car sounds, anything I heard that sounded unique. You are going for the emotion rather than the explanation. Just get your feet wet and make your rough draft sounds CD. Listen to it in your car, your headphones, on your tv. Everywhere!. figure out what sounds good and what doesn't. Along the way, you should find some gems. There really is no one sound to rule them all. Have you looked into how the sound effects were made for StarWars? It will give you allot of direction. Best, D P.S. Always carry your audio recorder around with you, you never know when or where you will hear that gem! FYI Harry Potter probably had close a million dollar sound design budget.
  4. I think this might be an AI bot...
  5. Go with the 58! It will still work after we are long gone. Try to find a 58beta if you will be using this mic for vocals mainly. Once upon a time I could name every shure mic and it’s specs.
  6. My thoughts are on coffee at this particular moment.
  7. This was a major factor. I almost, almost went with the MixPre-3ii, I hear the 7 series MicPre's are unmatched, the 7 Series TC from ambient is rock solid, I might buy a MixPre-3ii next year because I have the sickness. I got the 664 for larger jobs, this little 702T also will be used for a plant bag in a car or maybe even a hot air balloon? TC was major factor. I feel like its my version of a Zoom H4N.
  8. What are the known tricks, tips and mods? I decided that this thing is awesome and I want it. I could have gone with the 833, 633, or MixPre3, but I went 702T. I got a sweet deal with an Orca bag. Do you love, hate, or hold a special place in your heart for this mixer? Has anyone made it fail? What makes it fail, if anything? Thanks all, Best, D
  9. wait, I got this confused, AWG is the copper wire diameter not the overall diameter including insulation and jacket. I spent hours researching, ordered, the cable was too small. Then I ordered 3 different cables, I found the perfect fit. You win some, you lose some. Shrink tubing?
  10. 1.9mm=12.5AWG thats huge. I suggest ordering a few choices and going with what works best, keeping extras for future projects. markertek
  11. Sounds like a COS11 cable into a Lectro RX. OD is labeled as AWG, American wire gauge. 12 is big, 28 is small. recommended wire size is AWG 28 or smaller
  12. Lotus A composite image of Tesla's new Cybertruck and the 1977 Lotus Espirit (inset) in "The Spy Who Loves Me." Can't park this guy in the parking garages in the city...
  13. FYI, I bought 4 different types. All the recommended cables here, and for our intents and purposes we will not hear a difference. The best cable is the thinnest and softest, but still strong. I suggest making two cables from different types of cable and having options. Once you get started it’s almost easier to make 3 cables than just one. Most pro pro audio cables provide some sort of RFI rejection. Just do not buy speaker wire from the hardware store. Cheers D
  14. Yesterday they worked at Starbucks. Today they’re mixing your feature!
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