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Field Sound Recordists and/or 1st AS-Boom Operators needed - SF Bay Area

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I am a production operations director representing a unit housed within Stanford University in the SF Bay Area, California.  As the internal production team grows, we have an increased need to find qualified crew members for various field and studio based projects.  Currently, I'm looking for sound recordists and 1st AS/Boom Operators that would be available to work 5-hour half-days and 8-hour full days. Within a given calendar year, I usually have around 15-20 full-days of production work and another 10-15 half-days available.


There's a few things that make this job slightly different from the typical film production:

- The university pays by the hour. We have competitive hourly wages for the SF Bay Area.

- Worked hours accrue paid sick time and employees qualify for overtime.

- My team owns its own equipment. We use a lot of SoundDevices and Lectrosonics.


PM me if you're interested, I've typically found that my producers' project requirements work well for people that need to fill up space in between longer term projects.

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Hi Hurricane,


If you're a resident of the SF Bay Area (as I am and I guess you are), it'd be helpful, I think, to know where about the university is located. Mainly because traffic is so horrendous. So you know, a mixer or boom op who lives in Marin County probably won't want to travel to University of Santa Clara for a half day, and might feel the same about Stanford. And someone in San Jose might not want to travel to University of San Francisco.  


If you feel the need to keep the name of the school from the forum here, no worries. But perhaps can you narrow down the location? On the peninsula, for example?  

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Thaks for the input. I represent a unit at Stanford University in Santa Clara County. I already have a small cadre of freelancers and this particular causal list would make most sense if you’re based within a 15 mile radius of campus. 

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