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Premiere export of file with 5.1 and 2.0 mixes

Joe Riggs

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I need to export a Pro Res quicktime with 5.1 and 2.0 mixes from Premiere.
More precisely 8 channels of audio, the first 6 being the 5.1 mix, and the last 2 being the LT/RT.

Premiere has a few different options to do this and I'm trying to figure out which is correct:  

Option 1 -  settings


In the image above, one can select either  "mono" or "discrete" for the channel layout,
which one should I select?

A quick export with both settings and a get info on each quicktime file shows the following


Mono Selected

                                                     Discrete selected



Option 2 -  settings

Exact same settings/layout as option 1, just the Audio Channel Configuration is different (see full configuration in 2nd pic).


Get info on Quicktime export shows



Option 3 -  settings

Following a reTooled.net tutorial, they set it up like this, the difference being that the 7th track
would be a standard track for the Stereo file and not mono and therefore would not be panned to the left or right.   





When bringing these QuickTime exports into a Premiere timeline, all 3 options, show 8 channels in the correct order.
However, is one of these options the correct/industry standard way for this
8 channels of audio, the first 6 being the 5.1 mix, and the last 2 being the LT/RT?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I don't know about 'standard', but 'discrete' and 'mono' is just metadata in QT, and that is all soon to be obsolete. (In fact, it already is.)

Also pan info is. Your bytes will be exactly the same no matter the settings.


I would worry more about tracks vs channels.

Same as Mono / Poly in the sound world, a QT sound track can be mono or poly.

And there can be combo's. (Same as Zoom uses multiple 2 track files to create a 4 track.)

You probably want 8 mono (single channel) tracks instead of  one 8 channel track.


The term 'mono' is stupid. It refers to 1 channel. But two mono tracks panned LR obiously does NOT mean 'mono' :-)

(The whole naming thing is a bit of a mess...)


So, either discrete or mono will probably be good, and if they don't give you specs, it's their problem. The data is there...


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