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On the subject of TC and MixPre, a question

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Trying to figure something out:

I have 23.976 material with LTC recorded as sound, and a BWF from a MixPre 6 that has outputted the LTC. (Also set to 23.976, although the LTC 'seems' 24, but I take it that has to do with a bad clock of the cam.)
Now, there is an offset of 28 frames between the LTC and BWF. (And by a sick joke of the TC gods the video is named '00028.mov'.)


On duckducking, I've found myself and remembered I had this before, and it could be due to setting 'preroll' in the recorder.
(Meaning, start recording X seconds before hitting the record button.)

But that was a 'very' long time ago.
Is this still a bug / featurette? (In case of the latter I would like to know in what circumstances this actually helpful.)



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