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Equipment transportation Europe

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Hi everyone,


I'm seeking for an advice in terms of sound gear transportation. 

UK -> Poland


Does anyone have any experience, what are the restrictions (especially worried about batteries).


Flight is the only option.


Would you take your pelican cases as a hand luggage or going to cabin ?

Or would you rather ship it ?

How they approach sound gear at the airports ?

How should I prepare before the airport ?



Or if there is anything you would like to add please do, I'd prefer to know more in advance rather than finding out last minute .



Kuba Nyc

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Short answer-  All things with lithium batteries, as well as loose lithium batteries, should be hand carried into the cabin.  No battery quantity restrictions if they are under 100 watt hours. All loose batteries should have their contacts taped or otherwise protected from shorting.   All fragile things that will stop your shoot if they get lost or delayed in checked baggage should be in the hand carried into the cabin. Make sure you pack your carry on so that it's not too dense for the scanner- or that you can easily separate the contents. Boom pole might get rejected at security so put it in checked luggage along with everything else that you trust can take a 5 foot drop onto concrete.




Brent Calkin

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All good points.


But the quantity of batteries of <100wh can vary. Some companies say it's illimited other say it's less than 15 units. Some say you have to carry them in sight (not in the overhead bin) but close to your feets... the company TAP asked me to do this.


If they are over 100Wh but <160wh you can carry 2 batteries for every person travelling with you. But you have to ask for permission to the company before. Batteries over 160wh are prohibited.

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