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Sanken COS-11D and Lectrosonics LM Transmitter Problem

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Hey all,


I was recently given a set of Lectro UCR100 receivers, LM transmitters and a UH400A from a camera guy and in playing around with them with the SRc and LT transmitters I already have come across a confusing situation where everything is running smoothly sending audio from the LM transmitter with the included Lectro M119/5P lav, but if I replace the lav with my Sanken COS-11D I get no signal coming into the LM transmitter, which I can tell from lack of audio playing as well as no activity on the modulation LEDs which were just hopping around with the Lectro lav. I have tried the Sankens on my LT transmitters, and all's well and right with the world. So not sure what to make of it!


Appreciate any help or insight!



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Peter has it exactly right. The LM transmitter did not have the newer Servo input wiring. The newer LMa and LMb versions  did have Servo style inputs. The LT however was Servo from the beginning. If you want to use the COS-11 on either the older LM or newer LT, there is a compatible wiring that will work on both. See the LT manual. I believe the LM was the very last transmitter design done with the old (non-Servo) 5 pin wiring. There was a lot of pain and confusion when we changed from the old 5 pin to the newer Servo wiring and that's why we have never touched it since.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher

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