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New low cost neural network NR plugin

Jay Rose

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I came across a new product, VoiceGate from Accentize. The name is misnomer: it's not a gate, but a NN-driven dialog v noise separator. Same category as iZotope's Dialog Isolate module, and Audionamix' IDC, but with some major differences. Runs very efficiently as a channel insert plug-in, or in an offline window. They've been fine-tuning the beta - and I've found them very flexible at taking user suggestions (plus adding features I hadn't thought of). Should be shipping in a week or so.


I just posted a hands-on of the beta with before/after audio samples, in a thread at Geekslutz. 


Worth knowing about. 


(Just don't tell any DPs... or else it'll be one more reason for them to say "Don't worry about dialog during production because there's a new magic plug-in."

(It ain't magic. But I'm adding it to my arsenal that already includes Rx7Adv and IDC, because it's a useful tool.


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Not witchcraft, just a totally different way of dealing with noise, which wasn't practical until we had today's powerful host computers and cloud services like AWS. When the iZotope and Audionamix software first came out, I wrote a CAS Quarterly article about how it thinks.


Cedar's realtime, plus just about every NR plugin prior to these new ones, and even the old solution of running a Cat 22 decoder on production track, all rely on narrow-band expansion with carefully chosen thresholds. So does mp3, in how it simplifies PCM audio streams to them it smaller.

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