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MixPre 10T into Android Tablet For Use With Zoom Video Chat Music Lessons


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Hi All,

Hope everyone is faring as well as can be expected, keeping stress levels down.


With the current events, I am trying to set up the Zoom Video chat app on a recent Samsung Galaxy Tab A to facilitate internet guitar lessons with my students. 

I wonder if I can improve the audio quality and interface into the tablet using my MixPre 10T?  I have no need to record anything, just want to have a mic for my speech, a direct guitar signal and perhaps a way to bring up my guitar students' incoming audio.  Kind of working on the fly with what I have on hand.


I have no idea about the USB audio capabilities of Android tablets.... will this work at all?   How about a current iPad?


Any fast track tips that you can offer are extremely welcome and most appreciated.


Thanks in advance everyone. Wishing you and your loved ones good health and well being from Ontario, Canada


All the best,


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The kid is now getting his drum lessons via FaceTime, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo made it very simple to setup. 


Two ins, two outs, sets up in seconds if you have a usb port. Focusrite claims it'll work with current iPads via a usb hub. Long and McQuade carries them, if you're close to one of them. 


Stay safe, everyone. 







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