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Wisycom vs Cinetape


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I've had issues with the Cinetape in the past. I was using a Sennheiser 8050 which has an extended frequency response. When I plugged it in on a hard line to my board it made a "ticking" sound when in front of the cinetape beam. When using a plug on transmitter (Lectrosonics HMa) the issue went away because the transmitter has a hard low pass at 19khz I believe (something to do with pilot tone being above 19khz) whereas my board did not and it was clipping the inputs somewhere above 19khz. Cinetape uses ultrasonic sound to measure distance and if your gear is sensitive to those upper frequencies you'll have issues.

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I've experienced this while booming a production a few years ago. I do not remember if transmitters where Wisycoms (or what version) or some Sennheiser skp5X12(?) (the RX where MCR42) and I had no interest at that time of the brand of ultrasonic cam horns that produced it. The mixer in charge knew about the issue and was rather cool, as this apparently happens not relevantly often. If, he'd ask for a new take, period.

With this experience, I did some time later a quick check on some present camhorns, pre shoot, with negative response, so these worries are a at background but I am rather sure, I know what happens if I hear them.

I'd suggest, asking Wisycom if a hi-cut filter somewhere at/pre 19kHz is in place or not and asking Cinetape on what frequency they operate their corrent and past product lines.




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