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TA3 to XLR wiring confusion

Jason Nightall

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Hi.  I am making some TA3 cables for my 633 an the Sound devices manual states: “Pin-1 = ground, pin-2 = hot (+), and pin-3 = cold (-)” but doesn’t show exactly which pin is hot and cold on their device.


I notice the TA3 plug has different pin assignments compared to standard XLR and just want to check I should follow the pin numbering on the plug I have?  So pin 2 on the TA3 is hot even though the pin in that location on a standard XLR plug would be cold?


Please see the photo


Theres a very good chance I am over thinking this but I don’t want to get this wrong.


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They are telling how it’s wired on their device. 

Yes, TA3s have their numbering different from an XLR. Why? Who knows. Ask Switchcraft, just remember to make sure to connect the same color conductor to the right pin # and you’re good. Follow the numbers not the location. And check twice before you solder. And remember to put the boot on first ;)

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1 is 1.. 2 is 2.. 3 is 3. The physical layout should not matter, but I would take a look at the receiving device's specs anyway. That said, if the TA3 / mini XLR was the same as the standard size 3 pin XLR it would be less confusing.

Years ago there was a discrepancy on the XLR hot pin. Tascam used Pin 3 as hot on some devices.. in fact there was a 'joke' pin wheel device for choosing at a NY AES show.

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