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Weird squeaky noise in mic

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Hello there 🙂 

Seems like every time I post some here its because of a faulty mic... 
I was on a shoot today with a NTG-5 and suddenly this happened. (Weird sound in mic.wav)  The change of pitch is when I move the mic. It also created a really high noise that didnt go any higher than +10 on my 664 even if I tried to. Changed cable, input and so on with no luck. But the noise came and went away randomly(tried to switch to 12v and the noise disappeared ) Came home and tried to stress test it for some minutes  and suddenly It worked perfectly again. 


I recorded it and its the file 16T06.wav is the file. But!!!!!

EXTREMELY loud sound at 01:18!


Any suggestions? Is the mic going bad or could it be something with power that comes out of the recorder?

Thanks for your time 😄

Weird sound in mic.wav 16T06.WAV

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