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Maverick Cart

Matt Bacon AMPS

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I’m proud to show share photos of the first Maverick off the production line!

The Maverick has been designed primarily as a follow/utility cart although is also ideal for sound mixers finding themselves working in a small crew.


It features a light-weight aluminium frame (just 11.3kg / 25lbs), a recessed work area at the top, a handle that doubles as an antenna riser, 12″ rear wheels and a generous storage area that can be easily customised.


Optional storage boxes (400x300mm Euro Containers / Festool Systainer storage system) are widely available from third parties in a variety of heights and configurations (with/without lids or locks and colours etc.) to enable a Sound Mixer to customise their cart. My range of optional universal accessories are also compatible. I recommend ‘Euro Containers’ and ‘System Boxes’ by AUER (www.auer-packaging.com) who have world-wide distribution.


For further details visit www.soundcart.audio/maverick and contact your local dealer (www.soundcart.audio/dealers) for availability and local pricing.


Let me know any accessories you’d be interested in. A folding side tray and adjustable clips to hold a mixer bag on the top, inserts for the base and sides are already in development. 







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I've been waiting for this so I can replace my PSC upright cart (my follow cart) with something smaller and lighter. As you're developing a folding side shelf, one issue I have with the PSC model is that wacky arm that sticks out to support it. Since it's one solid piece, it's impossible to store it anywhere when not in use. It could have used a hinge or just have been modular and in 2 separate pieces. I hope your design overcomes this issue. Looking forward to see what you come up with!

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22 hours ago, indiefilm said:

The price is secret?

Not at all. The U.K. introductory price is £675+VAT and delivery. Please contact your nearest dealer for a price in your local currency. 

On 1/12/2021 at 2:03 AM, indiefilm said:

Can we see photos of the accessories?

The accessories are listed at https://store.SOUNDCART.audio;)these include boom holders, cup holders etc. 

Maverick specific accessories such as fold out tables etc. will be uploaded in the coming weeks. 

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