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  1. https://www.adorama.com/psmcarshe04.html
  2. Matt, I've been waiting for this so I can replace my PSC upright cart (my follow cart) with something smaller and lighter. As you're developing a folding side shelf, one issue I have with the PSC model is that wacky arm that sticks out to support it. Since it's one solid piece, it's impossible to store it anywhere when not in use. It could have used a hinge or just have been modular and in 2 separate pieces. I hope your design overcomes this issue. Looking forward to see what you come up with!
  3. That is cool. I forgot about that.
  4. For the MM1 people out there - how do you route everything on the boom op side so that they can hear the slate mic/the mix? Aren't they just hearing the boom off the preamp?
  5. BAB414


    Yeah, all those direct out cables add a lot of weight too in addition to the batteries.
  6. I have a love-hate relationship with Nolan. I love Memento, Prestige, Dark Knight, and thought Inception, Interstellar, Dark Knight Rises were misses. He certainly is a genius, but Tenet (his absolute worst film in my opinion) has other MAJOR issues not related to the sound mix. I'm shocked and disappointed about his seeming lack of understanding about the sound mix in general. He calls the audience "conservative". How does he not understand one of the oldest cliches about filmmaking: you can do almost anything you want to the picture, but the sound has to be solid or else you're watching some
  7. I'm wondering if night and day is the difference between useable and unusable dialogue because I've been rocking HMa's since they came out with no issues and know a bunch of other mixers who use HMa/HM/UH400a's as well with no preamp in between.
  8. BAB414

    Sound carts

    Same company - http://www.soundcart.tv/ I got a MiniCart from them and love it. These carts are not made to order (though I think you can get some bespoke specs if needed) but they are designed to be modular so you can set them up exactly how you want .
  9. I have these filters and when using them together with my 3dB pads, I have seen definite improvement of my RF system overall.
  10. I have the ALP620s on my cart that are great and I have powered PSC UA874's that I was remoting until recently. We figured out the hard way that if the UA gets tilted up or down, we get crazy interference. Can't speak to the specific model OP posted about.
  11. Anyone with first hand experience with these guys?
  12. Thanks for sharing. That is wild. Never seen the pyramid before. Do you happen to know if the SRb's are as susceptible?
  13. Yeah, I'm just wondering if the proximity of the 744 to the Venue2 itself might be causing problems. The 744 is on top of the 664, which is on top of the Venue.
  14. Thanks for this. Very good to know. NYC is super tricky.
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