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  1. That's a lot of lithium 9 volt batteries for a whole show. Adds up no? I use the R1a's for boom and utility monitoring only and use ipower 9 volts. They get us to lunch. Just one change a day. I use comteks for everyone else.
  2. Does freqfinder allow you to input the teradeck freqs and calculate harmonics and IM for that? Might be a cool feature.
  3. You guys should check out this app by my buddy Ben Ng. Lot's of people in lot's of crafts are using this in NY. Union and non-union. https://theavailableapp.com/
  4. Thanks Jeff. Sounds like a nightmare having to get between the IA and the networks but thank you for paving the way in your own way. I know nowadays a lot of high rental income earners are doing S corps, it seems like a viable way to control the flow of income to one as an individual, but maybe a pain to set up and operate.
  5. Hey all, For the third year in a row, I, as an unincorporated entity, will be owing the government money, and this year the most by far. The most recent thread I can find here about corporate structure is from 2011. Are you guys finding anything we can do under current tax law to lessen the blow so to speak, and has anyone found that an S Corp is a truly effective way to deal with this? I'm seriously considering switching to an S Corp but I'm intimidated by the process of owning one and all the requirements.
  6. You are correct. But even the final picture would never fly on any show I've worked on. If you can see it at all, it's a no-go.
  7. If I did what the guy in that picture did, the costumers would look at me like I'm crazy. I get away with B6's behind big buttons, but the mic in that picture is bigger than the button it's hiding behind.
  8. Excellent. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. I took the advice and did the sweep yesterday. Very excited to see what post does with it. Thanks!
  9. Got it. But does that carry the "voice" of the speaker in addition to the reverb? Thanks Phil. That was my old philosophy but I like making it live when the director is cool with it because it definitely does something to the performing actor and the people they're performing in front of, in a good way. And since we're using a dynamic mic, there is little to no bleed so it can be remixed ti taste with our 2 other mics in the room for reverb.
  10. Pete, are you saying that the speaker/PA effect is a standalone plugin or would they need that sweep as well?
  11. Thanks Jacob. So play a sinusoidal sweep through the speaker with the mics in the same places and then post can analyze that recording vs the clean sweep, correct?
  12. Hello, Did a scene today with a practical SM58. Didn't amplify it to the room through the speaker until take 3. My question is, how easy is it to fake the speaker sound in post and make it sound realistic? We also had a boom in the room far from the practical, picking up the distant perspective and then the speaker sound once it was powered on. Second question is, how easy is it to make it match the aesthetic we got once we started using the speaker? To make takes 1-2 match the rest. Thanks, Ben
  13. Probably the equivelant of what the CL-12 is for the 633. You don't have to use the rotary faders, you get some dedicated buttons, etc.
  14. I just did an MMA movie. Just boom it.
  15. This is the first I'm hearing about quad supserslot RXs. Sounds fantastic. But how do you get 8 channels out of a quad receiver IronFilm? Are you talking about digital outputs or two quad receivers plugged into the SL-2? And with Lectro just coming out with their four channel receiver, I don't see them making the slot version any time soon IMHO.
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