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  1. I just did an MMA movie. Just boom it.
  2. This is the first I'm hearing about quad supserslot RXs. Sounds fantastic. But how do you get 8 channels out of a quad receiver IronFilm? Are you talking about digital outputs or two quad receivers plugged into the SL-2? And with Lectro just coming out with their four channel receiver, I don't see them making the slot version any time soon IMHO.
  3. But the SL-6 can give you 6 channels of wireless vs 4 with the SL-2...
  4. Sorry guys, I'm clearly confused. Is the SL-6 compatible with the 8 series? What advantages do the SL-2 have over it?
  5. Jan, never got to work with you but best of luck on your journey! Thanks for your input on the forum over the years.
  6. BAB414

    744t obsolete?

    Thanks for the tip. Didn't know it could do that.
  7. BAB414

    744t obsolete?

    I get that but I need my TC master to be TOD. I might need another device I can set. I think that's the answer. Thanks for the idea.
  8. BAB414

    744t obsolete?

    So I got it to work but for me to really enjoy using it, I need a way to be able to.jam TC devices in the morning and after lunch without having to change the timecode modes on both machines. Perhaps another device as the generator is the answer? Any other workarounds you can think of?
  9. BAB414

    744t obsolete?

    Fauzan, if the 664 is your master but it's set to Auto Mute, how do you jam your slates in the morning? Do you switch to Auto Mute after the initial jam?
  10. BAB414

    744t obsolete?

    I'm trying this on Monday!
  11. I agree with Trey. Of course, it's up to the client and the aesthetic they are going for, but really, who's suspension of disbelief are we trying to serve? No one. It's non-fiction. I used to ask what was preferred all the time and they almost always say hide the mic. Now I don't ask, make it sound as good as possible, and let the person in charge (NOT THE DP) tell me to move them if they don't like it. I did sit-down interviews with the cast and creators of a narrative show. They were sitting in producer-chairs, you know the ones, in front of a "fake" patterned backdrop. Halfway through the first interview, the DP says we have to cut because she's seeing the lav. What about the chairs? The backdrop? These double standards are insane. Anyway, the producers all agreed with her but I fought to keep the mics on the outside and I won. We already shot half the interview. It saved time on set by not having to really get in there and then fuss with them when they were scratchy. Somewhat unrelated but on a doc I did when I first started, we were interviewing a famous playwright in a playhouse. I think we were primarily using overhead house lighting. I set the boom on a c-stand and what no one was ready for was that the subject kept leaning forward under the boom, putting nasty boom shadow right on his head/face. He was still on the edge of the mic pattern so not a problem for me per se, but the DP wasn't happy (quite understandably). But instead of ANYONE calling cut, the DP looked at me helplessly as if I needed to interrupt the take. That's what directors are for. Getting even more off topic.. And on a multimillion dollar narrative feature I'm on right now, the out-of-his-element AD outright refuses to allow sound to ask for resets or to hold for planes (even early in a oner where the dialogue hasn't started yet!!!) meanwhile the cam op and 1st AC get all the resets and adjustments they want. It's only "ruining the take" if sound asks for something while camera is repoing while rolling. My point is, there's a weird culture of double standards and sound constantly getting the short end of the stick and it just makes me sad.
  12. BAB414

    SD 888

    Thanks. I was trying to confirm that it is only 12 analog inputs. I know Paul already said that above but just wanted to double check. Somtimes channels and inputs get misconstrued in writing. Sorry, it's only Wednesday and it's been a really long week.
  13. BAB414

    SD 888

    Website says this: "On the 888, channels 1-16 can be fed from analog mic or line, AES3 or AES42 (XLR input 1), Dante, or Rtn-A or -B." That's really referring to iso tracks 1-16, right? Still just 12 analog sources?
  14. Wow. Super thorough. Thanks for all the info. I've been using PowerEx with lectro for a while and it's true the batteries degrade a bit quickly but even on my older ones I get at least a good four hours. Never did a proper test and I'm pretty sure they can do at least 6 hours but I switch them out early to be safe. Is it me or do the Venue 2 and SRb and SRc not have a NiMH Tx setting?
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