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  1. I used to do the same until I discovered LMR 240 Ultra Flex bnc.
  2. Super confused... From https://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/category/98-smwb-smdwb.html : "If you have SMWB version 7.xx firmware, use only SMWB version 7.xx firmware and boot loader version 2.01." Where do I get boot loader version 2.01 (for my SMDWBs)? The only download I see is 1.03 Also: my SMWB is at version SMWB 1.04. I don't know what /X means but none of the bullet points seem to address vanilla "SMWB" firmware lower than 6.xx...unless /X means with or without a suffix? And finally: "New firmware versions with iXML header support require a bootloader update before they are installed. This applies to the following firmware versions: SMWB, SMDWB v6.52 SMWB/E07, SMDWB/E07 v1.50 SMWB/E01, SMDWB/E01 v1.50 SMWB/X, SMDWB/X v1.50" Does this apply to those firmware versions AND newer? Or just to those exact firmware versions? I know Karl or Gordon spruced this page up, but I need this to be so easy a caveman can do it. Edit: One more. For the HMa, " Please note: version 6.x firmware for the HMa is for use only in new product shipped after October 13, 2018 to US customers. These will bear the following new FCC ID numbers: DBZHMAA1A DBZHMAB1A" My Hma is FCCID'd as DBZHMAA1 (no A at the end). Does this mean I stay in the firmware version 1.xx line? Do I install HMa/E01 Firmware Update v1.04 or is that the European version?
  3. Just went back to redownload this paid app on my Android after many years. Why isn't it available? I bought it, I want it back. Send help!
  4. Thanks Larry. This is helpful and actually makes sense. I didn't think I needed attenuators but wanted to experiment because my (flawed) math wasn't in line with my real world experience (which has been good!). I thought all RF "gain" was the same. Had no idea. There's no way I'm ever coming close to +5dB so I'm going to keep truckin' as I have been! Really appreciate what you and Karl have taught me. Love Lectro!
  5. The theoretical problem of overloading the receiver with RF. I haven't had any issues, but Karl's video Best RF Practices opened my eyes to correctly dealing with signal loss and compensating with gain. My understanding is that sharkfin antennas (active or passive) natively have 4 dB of gain. If I run 100 feet of LMR240-UF, I lose about 6dB, which means the RF signal hits the receiver at -2dB (if I don't add/subtract any gain from the antenna). I'm under the impression that -6 - -2 dB is the sweet spot because you don't want to overload. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  6. After talking to Karl W, I'm considering getting 3dB passive gain attenuators because I'm worried I'm coming in too close to 0, but other than the normal NYC problems I'm used to (crowded spectrum etc), I've had great performance.
  7. My new setup is 10 feet of ultraflex 240 with ALP620 passive fins (just switched over from 15 feet of RG-8x - not for increased performance, I just wanted shorter custom cables so I figured I'd go with them). If I need to get them around a corner, I've been switching to 25 feet of RG-8x (that's just what I have). Anything more, I switch to my Shure UA874 active fins with the 100ft ultraflex with the antennas at +6 gain. Been doing it like this for a 2-3 years with antennas going straight into the Venue 2. I just added the aforementioned 10 ft ultraflex installation for the cart and a small patch bay with 2 feet of cable between it and the Venue for quicker antenna switching. What's also cool is that the ALP620's are passive but sending them power doesn't do any harm, so I can just leave the power setting on in the Venue so that's one less step to worry about. I haven't tested the limits of passive fins with ultraflex but I calculate about 6dB of loss over 100ft (Larry says 7 so I'd go with that figure). Lectro and Wisy have some very cool looking antennas where you can dial in exactly how much gain you want and attenuate. I think these are ideal. Especially having two sets so you can quickly switch over without dismantling your cart. Something to be aware of for any cable, especially skinny ones, if they get scissored in a door, you're gonna have a bad time.
  8. I am. All I know is, it works. It's something I was looking for for a long time. Lot's of people these days are talking about remoting their receivers because of social distancing on set, etc and they're going all dante and cat5/6. I've lived that life as well but ultraflex makes remoting antennas over long distances a breeze, especially with the newer powered antennas. Less gear I have to worry about being too far away from me, direct control and sight of my receivers, and same (or very similar) results.
  9. Just speaking from personal experience... The ultra flex is...ultra flexible (the 240 version!). And I regularly do 100' runs on it with powered fins and it's never let me down.
  10. I've been curious about shows from that era too. I think everything had to be on a fisher boom, but no idea what mics. I'm always impressed at how these shows or older films sound when I know it was almost always just one mic high over their heads.
  11. I swear by ultraflex: https://fieldcomponents.com/LMR-240-UF-UltraFlex-Cable-Assemblies-Times-Micro.html Make sure you get the 240. Anything higher is stiff and thick.
  12. They are all the same. Literally just re-skinned from what I've heard.
  13. Apparently for digital, lower power output gives as good range as higher power on analogy/hybrid wireless. The new DPR can do 25 or 50mW. For my normal SMQV/Venue2/srB setup, I'll run all 8 channels at 100mW with minimal problems (I'm in NYC). I'll set transmitters to 250 for exterior walk and talks and some moving car stuff but I haven't had any major issues working this way.
  14. About 5 years ago I had producers asking me to bring a 788. I only had a 664 and had to explain that the 664 was more than enough for what was needed for the gigs. Most of them don't know what they're talking about but if you explain the differences and can assure them that the quality will be there, I find they tend to be OK with it.
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