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  1. Should I be terminating unused ports in an active splitter to minimize loss?
  2. This is the receiver I've been waiting for. Thank you so much Lectro. Interested in pricing!
  3. Larry, it looks super impressive. Kudos to you and the team. I hate to be that guy requesting features before it even comes out, but would there be any way for it to emulate (might not be the right word) NA/NU mode for my Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters? Essentially, to receive from the legacy transmitters. Manual points to no. I was just talking last night about needing a small receiver with this frequency range for monitoring talent wireless while we're wiring. Keep up the great work!
  4. Wow! I had no idea...but is it compatible with the older hybrid modulations (400?). It appears not. But if so, it's a real winner.
  5. LR sized receiver covering A1+B1
  6. I just got one and I calibrated it to the Audio Root Bag distro and things seem fine so far on my end. Nothing strange regarding voltage.
  7. Here we are 7 years later. Any 48fps yet?
  8. Thanks for the wise words. Motion capture is how they shot Avatar. Motion control is pre-programmed computer (and timecode) driven camera moves. I'm doing the latter. In Reaper I plan to have Music on Track 1, LTC TC on track 2 (either pre-generated in Reaper or downloaded for free with http://elteesee.pehrhovey.net/) Audio then goes out through my interface where I'll send LTC timecode directly to the motion control rig to trigger it. TC will also go out to a hop, being received by the slate for visual reference to match to the song in post.
  9. Reviving this thread - How "stable" is continuous timecode coming out of Reaper on a 2018 macbook pro? Will there be any lost frames or skips? Is there a more stable way to do it that won't involve audible scrubbing that comes with a 7 series recorder? Any other gotchas when it comes to timecode synced motion control? Thanks
  10. My heart would sink if this happened to me. I think back to all the years I only brought one recorder to set and it makes me nauseous. Now for bag work, I always bring my 552 and a zoom H4n and leave them in the car. Just knowing they are there makes all the difference.
  11. Once you got it up and running from the internal supply, did you try to then switch it over to external? Is it possible you have a faulty battery/cup/distro/power cable all of the sudden? The hirose jack on my 664 once came loose after years of wear and tear and I had to send it in.
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