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  1. Agreed. I've only ever used 7506's and always thought them to be pretty transparent. If EQing buried lavs to make them sound nice and bright works well enough, so much so that you wouldn't hear any problems on headphones that did the same thing, where's the problem? Why can't we EQ it in post to make it sound nice and bright?
  2. So you're using two sets of comteks? One for director and one for the plebians?
  3. Has anything changed in the last 5 years? Any better workflow solutions to this?
  4. BAB414

    SD 888

    Thank you l just watched it. It's confusing because besides the manual, everywhere else just says 8 analog inputs.
  5. BAB414

    SD 888

    Thanks Paul. Which are the 4 unbalanced line? From the two returns?
  6. BAB414

    SD 888

    So without Dante or the mythical SL-4, you're only limited to the 8 inputs?
  7. This sounds exactly like what happened to mine. Sent it in for repair and got a replacement antenna and I'm good to go. Not as mobile but you can hook up the m-216 to a mini-mite for increased performance. That's what I do for free drive situations.
  8. The fact that the CL-12 will work with 833/Scorpio is a big selling point for me for those recorders.
  9. BAB414

    New SD 833

    By the time you get to NP #3 or 4, your first one should be recharged, no? And a multibay charger that simultaneously charges two batteries would be your best bet.
  10. Maybe, but then they risk cannibalizing Scorpio sales
  11. This is cool. I appreciate them remembering their older lines with CL-12 support.
  12. BAB414

    New SD 833

    Thanks Jim. Sigh.
  13. BAB414

    New SD 833

    Paul, can we get an official answer as to whether future updates/support for the 6 series is over? Some colleagues and I have had ongoing bugs with our 664/668s as well as some simple suggestions to streamline certain things like file naming and we've yet to hear any answers. And can you comment on whether the scorpio or 833 will eventually be able to interface with the CL-12? That would be a huge plus for me. Thanks, Ben
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