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  1. Good call. Yes he does. He didn't seem to be aware of that or how an interface works. It's quite the interesting job.
  2. He's got some 2 input Focusrite interface (which should be all he needs audio-wise). I didn't really look into his cart to be honest. He now tells me he's getting a Black Magic SDI to analog audio converter which I'm hoping will do the trick. Once we solve that, we'll have to address people being too close to set who experience the live sound and then the delayed sound.
  3. They were really hoping that the lead actor would somehow master the piano in a month's time. We shot the scene yesterday and I'm really happy with it. Live singing to playback with earwigs and a hand double for the piano. I was disappointed not to have the opportunity to record live piano with it but everything still came out great.
  4. I'm down for this except the VTR guy doesn't have any analog audio outs...his cart is like all SDI. But as Mungo mentions below, maybe the headphone jack out of his computer is a viable option. I agree but for whatever reason (I'll ask), his system introduces delay even when in "live" mode. I think because it's so stripped down, he doesn't have all the routing abilities to give them a direct return (bypassing his software). I am feeding him a line but he is unable to give me a return as of now. The camera hop solution is not a bad idea as long as I can get a retur
  5. I'm honestly not sure. I couldn't see it for myself but the AD, who thought I was causing the problem, said it was "a lot". I know that doesn't mean much. I'm guessing it probably is just a few frames. No one could tell me if they thought it was more than a second or not. I'll try to see for myself and maybe pick up the Sescom or AV toolbox.
  6. It would be nice to be able to do at least 2-3 seconds, I'm thinking. 300ms is about 8 frames, which might be enough for most applications?
  7. Reviving this thread for 2021. On my current feature, the VTR guy is using someone else's barebones cart and he has extremely limited flexibility. The DIT sends him the live feed and he outputs to the monitors, but whatever processing/compression is going on on his end in Qtake (and there's no VFX or anything like that) will SOMETIMES introduce a delay that the director finds completely unusable. If we take him out of the signal path, no issues. I have been unable to see for myself how bad the delay is but I want the ability to help delay my comtek feed on the fly if necessary. My 744T can do
  8. BAB414

    Lav Mics

    Now you've done it.
  9. Well thanks for all the advice. Super helpful. I picked up a second cardioid so I could do ORTF but now it looks like the actor isn't having much success learning the piece and he will probably be faking it on the day. Then for inserts they are going to have a pianist play-sync to a prerecord. Don't ask me why.
  10. Can this be done with an ipad as well? And just with usb if you're only using a Venue2?
  11. Thanks all. Post got back to me. The Sup and the AE didn't really know what I was talking about. I explained it and sent them the article so they checked with Netflix who said there will be no pulldown and so 24.000 and 48kHz is good to go.
  12. That all makes perfect sense, thank you. Did they end up finishing at 23.976 by the way?
  13. Good to know, thanks! Just reached out to Post. I'll let you guys know what they say. We're doing all sorts of interesting things like shooting 2:1 but protecting 16x9 and screwing sound in the process! They even skipped the whole sound page in the meeting which I had to remind them about. Good times.
  14. Thank you all for all the insight. I'll probably hide 2 cos-11's inside and try an ORTF from the outside. Benefits of ORTF vs XY here?
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