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  1. Nofilmschool.com has all sorts of stuff
  2. For me, it's not a question of fairness. They can do whatever they want with their products. It just changes how I see them as a company. Doesn't feel like the same old SD to me. Feels like the kind of thing other companies would do. But I get it. We live in a digital world. Makes perfect sense.
  3. Is it safe to assume that whatever this algorithm is capable of can be matched in post?
  4. BAB414

    bag drop

    I plan on going with Dante eventually but I'm in no rush. I think Dante is very cool and all but if you're keeping everything on the cart like I plan to, then all the cables don't really matter. Once it's set up, it's set up, either way. I have a feeling Lectro is working on some more toys that will play with Dante. I am eyeing the DSQDs and an 888 though but I'm not ready to upgrade just yet. I do recommend everyone gets at least Dante level 1 certified. You can do it in about 2 hours. Very easy.
  5. BAB414

    bag drop

    Don't forget these for adding extra cable! https://www.amazon.com/Neutrik-NE8FF-Ethercon-Connector-Coupler/dp/B00OVAT2H2/ref=sr_1_2?crid=RR05I3EYD4F&dchild=1&keywords=ethercon+coupler&qid=1589811702&sprefix=ethercon+%2Caps%2C154&sr=8-2
  6. BAB414

    bag drop

    I've been working with a mixer over the last 7 years who uses a "Fun Box" - a VR Field with an extra receiver, IFB transmitter, antenna mast with 2 sharkfins, and an extra empty channel for more flexibility. It's powered off of two older NP1's and we change it every hour and a half. He put the whole thing together in a really nice custom wooden frame and got a custom 8 channel snake made with 5 pin xlr connectors. I made a V2 of my own using a small rack case, a Venue 2, SRb, IFB transmitter, M-216 (as a backup only) and ran 3 channels of Cat5, giving me 12 channels all together. Powered off the Hi-Q batteries, the box could run 4-4.5 hours. I think "dropping the bag" will become much more prevalent in the near future but it comes with its disadvantages as well that some people might not realize. On a fast-paced narrative production, your utility needs to be on top of it, making sure battery changes happen on time, moving the box/bag out of the shot/away from focus pullers and teradek transmitters (been a big problem on our show), being ready to move it so a light can go where it is, covering the cable so people don't trip, making sure scissor lifts don't cross your hundreds of feet of cable and damage a line. Not to mention not being able to monitor/control the receivers unless using Dante and some Netgear stuff. I took my 3 channels of Cat5 and wrapped them in Techflex and it became one giant unwieldy cable which I hated AND it was super slippery and people were tripping on it. Also, if it's just a bag rig with no mast, your antennas are much lower to the ground which is worse for reception. Lot's of things to consider, so don't put all your eggs in one basket. Towards the end of my run on that show, we still used the Fun Box, but kept it right next to the cart, and only extended it out when we needed to. We often had better RF when we weren't so close to all the cameras, focus pullers, and walkies. Walkie hits were a big problem sometimes. If you need to be far away from set (which seems likely to become normal) and/or the show likes to shoot in tight spaces that are hard to get to, then this is the way. For me, I built everything back into my cart. If I need to run antennas out, I use the Ultraflex LMR 240 which someone recommended on this site. It's amazing. Skinny, not stiff, and very low loss. Check it out. If I needed to get really crazy, I can always drop my bag rig and pull the cat5 off the truck. That would give me more distance and better reception of IFB and comms. Food for thought.
  7. Even before COVID I was thinking of something like this. I will try to implement this on the next job. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks for doing this test. May I ask how you generated those graphs?
  9. If an actor insists on staying 6 feet away from you, I'm sure they'd gladly pay $20 for the app itself. Then just tell them what to input. Speaking of this, it would be nice if NewEndian added the functionality to be able to send the command from one phone to another, via bluetooth, text or otherwise. Set all the settings you want, then "Share". Maybe it shows up as a link or the app on the receiving end automatically reads the new settings. Then the receiving phone can do the dweedling. We talked about this on a show I 3rded on. When the mixer tells you to go zap someone, this might come in handy instead of playing telephone.
  10. BAB414

    Film Devices

    Seems very similar to the Mixer Cage (and more expensive): https://www.ecwid.com/store/mixercage/
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