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Zmt-x remote off but not back on

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Wondering if there might be a known issue as i just ran into this today. I have 1x zmtx and 2x zmt3’s on talent and TRX OFF-ON set to LOW (OFF) works perfect at the transmitters but when bringing back to ON, i cant seem to get the zmtx to come back on without going to the unit and powering off and back on physically. Zmt3’s come back as normal. All settings same across all trx’s. Will have to check on fw revs after shoot but curious if anyone else ran into this or might have suggestions i may be overlooking?

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Just checked - version 3-19 on the zmtx and will try wake today


this transmitter in question was purchased new recently so 3-19 was from the factory and from what i see 3-17d is most current? 

I will check in with howy monday morn but thanks John for reply

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...followup - bingo - WAKE from nova did it for the zmtx, whereas ON works for my older zmt3’s (as well as WAKE Now that i had time to test).  I’ve used ON so much out of habit with all my previous transmitters I forgot WAKE was even an option. Thanks John!

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