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  1. John Blankenship

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I agree with Daniel, it's a nice feature, but I sure wouldn't call its lack "an oversight."
  2. John Blankenship

    Sound Devices 633 latch up

    Are these lockups on the latest firmware version?
  3. John Blankenship

    Analogue output of Zaxcom RX200

    Standard AES uses a single balanced output for stereo, but analog needs two. So, on the RX200, stereo AES out uses TA5 pins 1-2-3, whereas analog stereo out uses pins 1-2-3-4-5. See the manual for the wiring.
  4. John Blankenship

    TA3 (or 5) F right angle connectors that don't suck?

    +1 These are working okay for me, too. They're $9.95 each from "the usual suspects."
  5. John Blankenship

    Audio Interface for Women

    Not in my experience. I've known more female DPs and ACs than mixers and boom ops. Always happy to see women in any of those roles as the set just feels like a nicer place.
  6. John Blankenship

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    On the internet it's common for one person's speculation to be erroneously quoted as another person's fact. i.e. Don't believe everything you read. On a previous version of their web site, DPA had a chart of their vast selection of microdot adapters, and if you clicked on an adapter, you'd get a wiring diagram. The DAD3057 and DAD6003 diagrams were identical, and both had Pin-1 grounded. I then contacted DPA USA and inquired about any difference. I was told that the 3057 was for low voltage use, to which I noted that there are no components in either of these adapters, just identical direct connections. The Sales Engineer then contacted the factory in Denmark and here was the subsequent information: "Hi John, Sorry for the confusion, we got a response from Denmark today and it appears that they are the exact same adapter. It was a marketing thing when the low-power mic were created in order to make things less complicated. You are right though, per the wiring diagram, there is no difference between the two adapters. See response from Denmark below." The Denmark Factory Service Technician wrote: "They are completely identical. When DPA made the low voltage mini (4063/4067), it was a request from marketing to create 2 groups of adaptors respectably to standard and low voltage." ...Or, you can continue to believe internet speculation.
  7. John Blankenship

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    And where did you hear this?
  8. John Blankenship

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    Either -- But just to avoid future confusion, the 3057. However, according to DPA factory engineers, they're identical and simply have different order numbers. The DPA wiring diagrams for each bear that out.
  9. John Blankenship

    633 "keyboard disease" again

    Go to 5:50:
  10. John Blankenship

    Kit provided by production

    +1 what JonG. said. I've found that my choice with such productions takes one of two paths: 1) Just politely say no: "Sorry, I'm not available." 2) Quote it really high. I've had times when they would keep coming back with incrementally better offers. One time they worked their way up to within $50 of my quoted rate with gear and I still passed. Two days ago I received a text offering a low rate for my services and stating that the cameraman was furnishing the sound kit. I responded with my full rate w/gear, and to my satisfaction, never heard back. A couple of months ago, I was certain that I would avoid working on a reality show by quoting full rate in response to their low-ball rate. They came back with intermediate offers which I passed on, then, to my chagrin, accepted my rate. The days turned out shorter than expected and the folks weren't too difficult to work with. Which highlights an important factor to remember: People typically value something by what it costs. So, if you want to be more highly valued by a production, charge more. If you want to be more readily dismissed, charge less. And don't be afraid to just say "no." It's really empowering.
  11. John Blankenship

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I did briefly. I'm not sure what you want to know.
  12. John Blankenship

    Audio Interface for Women

    Believe it or not, what she's holding is “an audio interface specially for females.” You see the concept is: “With the growing demands of audio quality, audio interface is no longer a formidable device. Products’ characteristic becomes more important.” Just what the sound community has been waiting for -- an audio interface that doesn't intimidate women! I can't wait for the first on-set review of this ground breaking device. Perhaps a few choice comments to the manufacturer about how this advances the position of women in the world of location sound. Jan? https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/pro-sound-news-blog/audio-interface-for-females-draws-outrage-midiplus-interface-sexism-women-in-audio-pro-sound I was stymied as to which category to post this in since we don't have either a "LET'S PRETEND IT'S APRIL FIRST" heading, or a special "THE WORLD MOVES BACKWARDS" section.
  13. John Blankenship

    Does Lectro UH200C TX provides 48V?

    In the evolution of the 200 series, the UH200D added the three switch positions Larry mentioned.
  14. John Blankenship

    Zaxcom Nomad timecode delay

    I'm "one" and I don't think this. LCD screens are known to exhibit display lag. If you want to compare time codes, the right tool for the job is something like a Denecke GR-2 which can resolve differences between its generator and an external source down to a tiny fraction of a frame.
  15. John Blankenship

    Why I'm sick (Literally)

    Shaky cam, dutch angles, and it even has a laugh track. If only they could come up with a few more things that make television unwatchable. If this were an episodic, what about if the above-reproach good guy gets arrested while investigating a crime and spends 42-1/2 minutes finding the real culprit so he can clear himself. Oh, and of course, there's the "This Time It's Personal" episode when the less-than-upstanding _brother_father_close friend_ (fill in the blank) is in trouble and our hero is honor-bound to break the law trying to help them. Don't get me wrong, both a hand-held look and dutch angles have their place, but it should be to serve the story and never to draw attention to itself, pulling the viewer away from a suspension of disbelief while simultaneously inducing nausea.