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  1. I've done it with both an XY orientation, and ORTF (much better stereo effect with not much phasing penalty). Just be prepared for the shorter battery life. A good way to help build a nice compact rig.
  2. I = E / R and P = I x E I is Current (amps) E is Voltage R is Resistance P is Power Once you learn Ohm's Law and know any two of those four specifications, it's pretty much all you need to know to figure this stuff (and so much more in electronics) out.
  3. Not so much dumb as inexperienced. Look up "Anton Bauer plate." Years ago many, if not most, pro cameras used one to mount the battery and on the side are the screw holes that a receiver cup screws into. These days we need to be prepared with an arsenal of mounting options with the variety of rigs encountered. The cups discussed in this thread are still used on occasion, but not very often for many of us. Hint: Velcro, hanging bags, and Bongo Ties are your friends.
  4. I will echo surprisingly good results, even after a few years, with black Eneloop Pros.
  5. I use both chargers with the NP-L7S and not had any issues with either.
  6. That figure is based upon supplying voltage for a 48v microphone. From Gotham Sound: "4.5 hour run time (w/ 48V phantom power at 50 mW w/o PowerRoll)" Using a lav, the ZMT4 was originally designed to give 6+ hours but has since been improved beyond that.
  7. Hi Jim, happy holiday! I use the Beyer ones. The velour is so much more comfortable than slick vinyl. They fit 7506 Sony, my HFI-680 Ultrasones, and even Remote Audio HN cans. https://www.gothamsound.com/product/dt250-velour-pads
  8. An in-depth article that answers a burning question with a definitive "We don't know."
  9. Definitely use starquad cable (wired properly, of course). Also some tests would be in order to see if there are any issues. If so, you may want to talk to them about matching PVC tubes separated far enough from the others. Prepping an install for a fifteen week gig should include some paid days.
  10. It's a firmware fix. Unfortunately, you didn't mention which firmware you're on.
  11. Vers. 1.99 is the latest firmware for the MRX modules. It was issued to address channel-swapping issues on Nova. See if it helps your situation.
  12. Stick a patch of Mepitac to the person, then tape your mic rig to that. I only use it when I need to tape to hairy skin.
  13. One method is (with wardrobe's cooperation) to open a slit in the seam in the back and thread a B6 inside the seam to the front. This eliminates the need to run tape around the inside and has less chance of it coming loose with movement.
  14. I don't know what they use, but I'd probably just seal the connections in with some of this: https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-GOOP-150011-Plumbing-Adhesive/dp/B0016L0NTU/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&hasWorkingJavascript=1&keywords=goop+plumbing&qid=1620691148&sprefix=goop+pl&sr=8-3
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