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  1. Are you stating an intent to work as a local throughout the Midwest?
  2. John Blankenship

    I am STUNNED np50 dual charger

    For NP50 batteries, the Lectrosonics branded are the best choice. There are cheaper ones, but...
  3. John Blankenship

    I am STUNNED np50 dual charger

    The initial question posed was if the SGS model is identical to the cheapo, no-name units. The answer is "no, they're not."
  4. John Blankenship

    I am STUNNED np50 dual charger

  5. John Blankenship

    I am STUNNED np50 dual charger

    Let's put this to bed. The ones SGS sells ARE modified -- they do a circuit change, plus improve the visibility of the LEDs, as well as include a cable and, of course, back them up with full support. Let's face it, if you're shelling out the amount of money that these transmitters cost and investing in a set of batteries, does it make any sense whatsoever to cheap out on the chargers? My choice is to buy the ones that are tested, improved, and backed up by a known reputable dealer!
  6. John Blankenship

    Lectro PDR

    It appears you misread the intent of my post. That's the problem with written responses, in contrast to a face-to-face comment offered with a smile. It was intended as a friendly reminder of how much innovation we now enjoy -- certainly not as a hostile criticism. My apology for any dismay it may have caused.
  7. John Blankenship

    Lectro PDR

    So, are you complaining that you have a wealth of solutions and gear choices that weren't available to sound mixers just a few years back?
  8. John Blankenship


    When installing a replacement internal battery, it is a good idea to carefully burnish the contact areas of the unit and the battery. Also a drop of electrical contact cleaner such as Deoxit on the contact points is a good idea. So little current travels through those contacts that any resistance from oxidation can be an issue. The same reason you should occasionally roll the AAs in a remote control as it burnishes the contacts. Also, it's not a bad idea to roll AAs as you install them into a transmitter although a transmitter draws more current so oxidation is less of an issue.
  9. John Blankenship

    Microtech gefell m310

    There are some mics that require you to reverse the phase to use them with Lectro plug-ons. At least that used to be true but I'm not sure about Lectro's latest versions.
  10. John Blankenship

    Sound gets no respect! Hmmmm.

    Excellent, Jay -- so right on! Larry -- I'll be watching for the needlepoint listing in the Lectro Accessories Catalog.
  11. The ZMT has its own high pass filter you can use -- with selectable frequencies. It's in the extended menu within the AUDIO sub-menu.
  12. John Blankenship

    Record Run Wireless Timecode

    Ask if they're shooting on VHS.
  13. John Blankenship

    Sanken Distributor issues

    Plus 24 is the US distributor for Sanken. As Jim said, several of what we call "The Usual Suspects" probably have COS-11s in stock. "The Usual Suspects" refers to location sound dealers that work hard to service our little sector of the filmmaking ecosystem. Therefore, many of us recommend patronizing them over large box stores.
  14. John Blankenship

    Sound Devices MixPre version 3.0 Now Released

    +1 It's a new -- software controlled -- world we live in with firmware releases containing new features coming out at a dizzying pace. In this new paradigm, freshly released software should always be considered beta until it has been proven in the field.
  15. John Blankenship

    USB rechargeable bag power.

    With lithium batteries, more than the cells matter. The protection circuits integrated within the power pack is of significance.