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  1. Which firmware are you experiencing this with? It's something that should always be included when diagnosing issues.
  2. Thanks for that, Jim! She just became my favorite foley artist.
  3. One place to start getting chops is on low budget independent films. They seldom have the budget to pay an experienced mixer, so in that case you're not taking work from your allies by undercutting them. Other sound mixers can be your best resource as they get to know you and will often help with advice and by referring gigs. Understand that what you'll learn on indies is about sound -- starting to train your ears. What you won't learn so much is proper set protocol as many of these productions are the blind leading the blind. However, by understanding the above, indie
  4. I admit I've never tried using a URX100 on a camera. Perhaps they're more susceptible to the camera's spurious RF.
  5. Ken - does the camera have any RF gack on it such as a Teradek?
  6. FWIW, I've never encountered that issue with 7.30P. Maybe I missed it; what block are your transmitters on?
  7. As I'm understanding it now, when you said the transmitters "will not scan" you meant will not properly adjust through the transmitter's allowed frequency range. Scan typically refers to the scan function (which the receivers have, but not the transmitters) that will automatically scan through the specified range and select the best frequency. Here's the info on crossing the 7.30x barrier (this is in the firmware package): ----- WARNING: SOFTWARE UPGRADE / DOWNGRADE TRANSITION There is a transition point at version 7.31. If you have 7.30x or lower in your
  8. Step One: Identify yourself My initial reaction to offer you help over the phone quickly changed when I realized you were just a monolith. Some thoughts: 1). Double-Check the manual to see if you have everything set up properly. 2). For any troubleshooting help always specify firmware version(s). 3). Carefully elaborate any and all troubleshooting steps taken. 4). The receivers can search; the transmitters need to have their frequency set manually (or remotely if you have Zaxnet). 5). If the transmitters a
  9. What Birthday Boy, Jim, said. The key to this and many other gigs is to approach it in a way that you're not out anything (except maybe some mental planning) if it falls through. Avoid advancing any money of your own or sending your gear ahead of time and don't let them anywhere near your bank account or other personal numbers. Even if it's legit, it could still fall through due to many factors including the logistical complexity, and you should plan not to be out anything in either eventuality.
  10. Is there something not working correctly with your current firmware or a feature you desperately need from the newest version? Do you have a good reason to upgrade, or is it "just because it's there." "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" is usually prudent advice.
  11. FWIW, Zaxcom transmitters can adjust band limits in 6 mHz steps via the Factory Menu. Therefore, a block 25 transmitter can be set to only tune from 656 mHz to 662 mHz. 656 to 657 is part of the 653-657 range available to licensed users and 657 to 662 is within the 657-663 range available to unlicensed users and White Space Devices. In the Extended Menu the transmitter's output can be set to 25mW which in practical use should be within the legal limit.
  12. Some ways (depending largely upon your access inside the chassis) -- 1) Cover the circuit boards with paper, taped in a way that serves to seal them off 2) Use a vacuum to suck up the cuttings as you drill 3) Form a "containment cup" taped to the chassis behind the hole you're drilling You could possibly combine 1&2 or 1&3.
  13. With a fear of stating the obvious... An email to Cinela should get you the definitive answer.
  14. Agree with the advice already given. Remove the "volunteer" offer as that only serves to undermine working pros who, as others have mentioned, are your best resource.
  15. If it's a student film, what school do they represent, because they should be notified.
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