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  1. I own several Invision mounts and are not aware of having any loose screws -- unlike yours truly.
  2. Do you have the same issue if you go directly into a mic pre on the 633?
  3. Drop or Non-Drop will depend, of course, on which one the camera is set to.
  4. Cinela. I own, and have used, many other mounts -- probably most of the types available. NOTE: You'll think Cinela overpriced until you use one.
  5. Your question is much too general for a really good answer. Your use... your budget... what LE issues cause you to want a change... how you wish to handle post production... do you need time code... and any other details you can muster would be quite helpful in narrowing down the myriad of choices available -- most of which now handle more than just two tracks. There are also many threads here that are well worth researching.
  6. A short extension cable from the connector to the antenna.
  7. Once a call sheet is open, does this do anything different than any other PDF reader?
  8. Based on how this thread has unfolded you should go with your original solution. Silly Putty would be the best choice to cover the holes on your 416.
  9. Thanks -- I didn't know they had 86'd the list. Let me know if you'd like a copy -- I may still have it.
  10. I bought SanDisk cards that were on Sound Devices approved cards list. Echo what Philip and others have said -- only buy from a reputable vendor unless you're just "itchin' to try them counterfeits."
  11. More than one of your comments indicates that you don't understand how microphones work. I recommend studying a lot more before making assumptions about their operation. For instance, your comment about "noise-reducing properties" no doubt causes many here to just shake their heads. In other words, what you say you know, you don't know. Not meaning to be harsh -- just direct. Use mics the way they're designed and choose the right tool for the job.
  12. 32-bit floating point is definitely advantages in post mixing where lots of EQ and sub-mixes can cause internal buss levels of some frequencies or subs to get out of hand. If you're EQing or arbitrarily boosting levels that much in the field, post will not be happy. This doesn't mean that the increased internal dynamic range is a bad idea for a field mixer, it just means it's typically not needed.
  13. While many clients want a dry and sterile track, I love how Jeff & Don's work makes you feel like you're in the room exercising with Jane. Interesting how in this case less intimate sound makes it feel more personal.
  14. If you didn't experience any anomalies when you did the gig, treat his comment as a question, "No, it was working fine when I used it."
  15. The Jane Fonda Workout pretty much established such videos as a genre. Check that out for what the right mic in the right hands can do. Perhaps our host will weigh in on his approach.
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