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  1. Yes, a coating. Many headphones use this type of cable.
  2. At NAB I recommended to the Switchcraft reps that they come out with a metal cap as an alternative to the plastic ones. K-Tek has a new low-profile right angle XLR that looks really promising. I'm told it should be shipping before long. The ones at NAB were prototypes that hadn't been black anodized yet.
  3. On initial ZMT3 transmitter tests, both "Remote Standby" and "LOW2" offer about a 2:1 battery life savings.
  4. Happy Birthday to our host, Jeff Wexler! His continuing contributions to our community make this day even more special.
  5. At NAB, in a discussion with one of the savvy DPA factory gurus, it became apparent that there is much more to it than just some basic numbers that we end users bandy about. Rather than try to recreate what he said about voltage, headroom, impedance, distortion, etc. -- and not do it justice -- allow me to share the basic summation of his comments on 5v. vs 3v. powering: Bottom line: If it works, and your ears are in agreement, use it and enjoy the great sound.
  6. Basically, any DPAs as well as many others.
  7. Nova has MicPlexer circuitry built in. Keep in mind that because of the MicPlexer filtering, your receivers need to be set to within 35mHz of each other.
  8. Contact Zaxcom and Howy should be able to send it. Otherwise, PM me your email address and I expect I could get it to you by late tomorrow (maybe sooner, but no promises).
  9. That’s how I remember it. They did so because there is little power consumption difference between RF power levels. Sleep should still save battery life.
  10. I haven't done any full comparisons of sleep time on the ZMT3 yet, but I can tell you that the ZMT-Flex has about a 4:1 ratio of Sleep to On time.
  11. ARRI refers to it as "genlock," as in the menu setting: Genlock to “TC In”
  12. Not automatically, but it can be reconfigured in the menu.
  13. I think you’ll find many mixers passionate about the brands they’ve chosen — to the point of religious fervor. It serves us all well to remind ourselves that these are only tools, and the key is to choose the right tool for the job. Likewise, a true pro will be able to use the tools at hand to do quality work — whether those devices be 24-bit, 16-bit, or a long strip of plastic with iron rust on it. Nonetheless, innovations help us up our game and make many of our devices more of a pleasure to use. On topic — I enjoyed Mrs. Maisel and don’t recall being yanked out of the story by any technical issues.
  14. Then there's the new Denecke JB-1. Its battery keeps the unit powered for about a week per charge! Super-stable... super-small... super-cool!
  15. If you're into gear, especially if your interests extend beyond audio, you could spend every minute possible there and not cover everything. That's counterbalanced by what your saturation level is. Since you're a first-timer, I'd recommend the aforementioned Mon-Wed stint. You can go to nabshow.com and come up with a "hit list" that will help you allocate your time more efficiently.
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