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  1. A more interesting question is, "How did it happen that going to a sound group was your first thought in finding a camera?"
  2. In a zep the dead space in front of the mic should be about the same as to the sides with the mic centered in the basket.
  3. This is well constructed and can be modified to work for what you're talking about. The strap can be used as either a belt or over-the-shoulder. It has tons of room for a full mini-kit and won't cost much to find out if it's what you want: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XHPIU2K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Of course, the best solution is what some have suggested -- work for productions that know what they're doing and do it properly. IME those are the ones that both pay better and treat you better. However, to quote the old cowb
  4. Re: Zeiss Fog Defender System I'm not a big Walmart fan, but really, Amazon...? Amazon $ 23.37 Walmart $ 6.98
  5. Ground loops occur when there is a difference of potential between multiple points of grounding. While AC hum is one possible result of such a condition, spurrious demodulation of various RF signals can also be a result of these differentials. After all, RF is part voodoo waiting to making its presence known in unseemly ways.
  6. You might try an inexpensive car ignition noise suppressor such as this one. When installed across the DC feed on my cart it completely got rid of the induced whine from an IFB100 transmitter. However, if hum is the major issue when you're powered from the same source, yours may be more of a ground loop problem.
  7. The best Lectro knowledge source just posted about the best Lectro knowledge source.
  8. Echoing what Peter said. You might look at flexibility as a criteria as these likely broke due to flexing (or maybe being stretched too tightly, so address that on your repair), other than that, find something that fits, it's not critical.
  9. The MK41 capsule has a supercardioid pattern which is a tad wider than a hypercardioid (and has a bit less rear lobe). The MK41 pattern appears to be somewhat wider due to its uniformity, as that of most other directional microphones tends to become narrower at the higher frequencies.
  10. Yes, that is a known thing with Arri. Arri makes cameras that capture really good video, but their engineers decided to get "creative" with timecode and sync, and they designed the cameras to use the timecode as the sync signal (something timecode was never designed by SMPTE to do). So, a timecode device may meet SMPTE specs, but not be great as a sync signal. Arri used Ambient timecode to develop and spec their cameras without undertaking to test them with other brands of timecode devices (source: Two Arri design engineers I spoke with at NAB a couple or so years bac
  11. Sad day -- he will be greatly missed.
  12. It sounds like it may be the sensor going bad or perhaps a wire going to the sensor -- however, a call to Charlie at Denecke will put you in touch with one of the most helpful people in our business and get you the best answer available.
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