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Newcomer into the Nothingham world and lead here due to my interest on sound and filmmaking.

The Stabilizer Roller (60hz in my case) is stuck and not spinning freely. Is there a way to clean it? I see 3 small holes but wont risk trying to unthread bolts without knowing if the head is hexagonal, flat or even if there's a clip or similar.

Any advice is welcomed,

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Bumping this as I expect there are folks who may be able to answer ...


assume Nothingham was an unexpected prediction of NAGRA, so “khaldrogo”, if you are able to change the thread title to Nagra Stabiliser Roller you might get the answers you need


good luck, Jez 


Oh, and if it is a Nagra let us know what model (III, IV-L, IV-S, 4.2 or other). And if you don’t already know there is a very popular long running thread on all things Nagra on the Images Of Interest pages.

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About a year ago Michael this would possibly have slightly increased my enthusiasm of TBL’s dark web or whatever it calls itself these days. But if we are unable to second guess the RUR faction and they are happy to play the long game tantalising us with Kudelski parts then it seems Asimov was right. And we are doomed. I am now making sure ALL my Nagra accessories are wrapped up in extra thick black leather and safely zipped and press studded away. Thank you!!



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With the risk of replying to a spam posting: The 3 screws are grub screws, and the threading is in the stabilizer roll itself. They press against 2 sintered bearings inside the roller, so if you loosen the screws, you can pull the roller exterior off and clean/lubricate. when the roller is reinstalled, remember to check that there is ca. 0.5mm clearing over the top plate, so it can move freely when it is disengaged.

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