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Straps for Equipment

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Hey everyone,

I've been using ratchet straps for nearly 40 years.  Way before I worked as a sound mixer, I transported things like equipment on flatbeds.

I bought a new van a few years back, and had it outfitted with L-Track (also known as airline tracks). And I bought some new tools for this L-Track. I also bought some new ratchet straps from a company called US Cargo Control. They seam to be heavily favored in Google if you look up these things. Any way, their ratchets started binding about 2 weeks ago. Personally, I thought that they would have lasted a long time considering how much these people advertise, and control google search results, as well as what looks like a whole team of people running this operation.  They claim that 3-4 years in life is more than anyone can expect in straps??  Really?  I have cheap Chinese ones that lasted 10+ years now!!

I'm not complaining, because I understand that these are just straps.  But, I just thought they would last longer.  Here's a video clip of the "binding ratchets"

Whats your expectation of how long these should last?  Inside a van, never seeing sunlight, and never been used in the rain.

Suggestions for others?



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I don't have any problems with the ratchet mechanisms on my generic straps, I hit them with a bit of silicone spay every couple of weeks. I have problems with the straps fraying and breaking at hook points. The constant rocking black and forth while I drive down the road wears them out. Especially the strap holding my c-stand dolly against the van wall. This one only lasts 6 months at best. 



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