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Troubleshooting : DPA 4018 is not seating on brand new MMP-A preamp

Paul Garafola

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My 4018 cap screws on easily & perfectly to my MMP-B and MMP-C pre-amps - and here's where it's giving me resistance on the MMP-A. (see photos)

In this moment, I do not want to take the chance on giving it more force, in order for it to seat as it should.  I don't want to make the problem worse.


If you've had this occur, is it an actual problem - or will it seat perfectly if I continue turning it past the resistance?  Did yours?


If you'd had this exact situation occur, what was the solution?


Thanks for your help.


 - Paul


4018 cap is not seating on BRAND NEW MMP-A.jpg

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Hi Roderick,

Yeah, I cleared and cleaned the threads on the MMP-A and still no progress. 

I would try the lubricant, but I really think the primary and only issue is a faulty thread.

So you've had this exact issue and the lubricant actually worked - and the capsule then attached easily??

(Yeah, if there's not a solid solution that people have succeeded with, then I'll just send it back for a warranty replacement.  But obviously, I'd like to not have to do that.)

Thanks for your reply.


 - Paul -

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