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Wireless On Ear Headphones that plugs into Comtek (for director on set)


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Hi all, I've tried to search for this and couldn't find a thread, please let me know if you've seen one already.


As a director I'm trying to find the golden director's headphones for being on set:

- On ear (over ears)

- Lightweight - not too large or bulky, because I would want to take them off and on and hang them around my neck when not rolling

- Wireless - but not bluetooth, because it needs to have an adapter that plugs into the 1/8" input on a comtek


Is there such a thing? I've been searching far and wide for this and haven't come across anything yet. Most wireless headphones seem to operate by bluetooth to connect to phones and computers, but I'd use mine only for being on set.


Thanks in advance!

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Rather than searching for a bluetooth solution, I think you should be looking for "wireless tv headphones".  Bluetooth often has latency issues whereas there's a market for UHF based transmitters that go to a set of headphones and thus don't have the delay issue.

A camera op I worked with on a doc had a pair of Sennheiser's that had a little box that took a couple AA's and then had headphones that also took AA's but were all wireless.  He had the transmitter mounted to the Amira and then he could put the camera down at anytime without having to take off wired headphones.

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