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Looking for tips..

Rachel Cameron

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It's with equal anticipation and anxiety that I will be mic'ing four pit crew members at the Gran Prix this weekend. I have B6's, DPA 6060's, and this COS 11. I'll probably tape a hid-a-mic to the inside of the pit suit, and hope there's a t-shirt  to meet it. Not sure about where I should put the body pack, where it will be best accessed. Belt clip or ? 


I know many of you have dealt with pit apparel before. I've not. So I'm thinking that there might be 'pass through' for cabling already built in to them? That way I can re-battery easily.


I plan to use the B6's with the crisp or very crisp response caps, because they'll be under hopefully no more than a layer. 


I hope their coms aren't a problem. I'm using B1 band. 


What else should I be thinking of? 

Any helpful pointers will be graciously appreciated!



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It might not be possible for security reasons, but knowing what freqs they are using, or letting their RF person know what freqs you want to use is a good idea.   I wouldn't be ashamed to ask the pit folks how they've been wired before that they were ok with, re: openings that would allow you to pass a mic out of the suit to a belt pack on the outside.  Re; the belt packs--very secure mounting clips or etc. .  The mics will be ok but there will be wind and the terrific levels of the engines.  Is it possible to tap into their com with a set-and-forget recorder that was jam synced to your TC?   Sounds like fun--good luck!

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As far as the comms line, how about a mic inside a headset? Non-invasive and you can "loom" the wires with tape every 6" to where the recorder and jacks meet.

Pit suits look so heavy to me I wouldn't think inside is an option and you will want to get as close to mouth as possible to overcome noise, maybe collar area?

Oh and I would think you would have to get RF cleared, probably submitting your blocks to a frequency coordinator so they can assign them and they might label your transmitters as legal for the day, this is what I've seen in other sports

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Thanks for the comments Philip and LoganSound. Most of the sound was in the garage/build areas, with some audio in the pits for practice days, plus controlled interviews. All went fine and I was able to put the three B6 mics under furries, right inside the lapels of their garage jackets, which were open.


While I was off doing another interview, one B6 got over-covered in a pit suit and lost the battery eventually, but the other soundie followed that mic out to the track and got some of it on his receiver. That sound was not important to the picture.


All in all, not the chaos I'd feared.

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