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  1. Here's a pic of what the same window looks like (block 21) on the explorer and SRb. Main advantages to explorer is you can adjust the noise floor/threshold to see more detail on Y-axis, and you can set it to average the readings over up to 28 iterations of the sweep, helpful for finding intermittent or spurious interference! I will let you know how the RTL-SDR works out, one advantage I see is you can tune the channels in FM and actually listen, which might help nail down the source of interference.
  2. Same question buuut with an RTL-SDR? Soon I'll have all 3 to compare, but I was excited to find a cheap scanner controlled through Android! https://www.amazon.com/RTL-SDR-Blog-RTL2832U-Software-Defined/dp/B0129EBDS2/
  3. Donated $10! Thanks for maintaining this tremendous informational resource and community.
  4. Could e-tape one of these to it for a decently small package at around $32: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PowerPlay2--behringer-p2-ultra-compact-personal-in-ear-monitor-amplifier
  5. I love when they pull out the God card to seal the deal: "But i want to have a strong believe that my money issafe and secured in your hands, because I'm a Christian and honestwoman (this was a man I was talking to) and I hope you're also a honest person also, God fearing andhave a reputation to protect....Thanks for your understanding and I pray God almighty will grant youyour heart desires as you do this favor for the actualization of mydream."
  6. It's equal opportunity unemployment! Yang claims his microphone wasn't on last night: https://politicalwire.com/2019/06/28/yang-claims-microphone-turned-off-at-times/
  7. Unfortunately "good enough for government work" may cost Tim Delaney dearly as he seemed perpetually cut off in the broadcast mix, if not by the moderators. I do appreciate the civility of both the moderators and participants to not roll over on the crew though. I think we all know someone else who has been less than gracious with his AV staff: Has anyone else dreamed of being the guy at that moment? Unplugging all the cables from the board and walking out of the building?
  8. I'm a DC-based A1 for a lot of talking head events so I couldn't help but over analyze last night's technical difficulties: https://mobile.reuters.com/video/2019/06/27/technical-issue-interrupts-democratic-de?videoId=567374862&videoChannel=117849 Structurally I'm confident the NBC truck was outside with ISO mic feeds, and from the sound of it the problem was isolated to the house. House mixers have been an issue for numerous debates in the 2015 cycle frequently resulting in subtle feedback. This was a missed cue to drop the previous moderators mics in the house, but I have been running through scenarios in my head of why it was so difficult to do: The 3 previous moderators had moved to a spot deeper in the house to throw to Chuck and Rachel up front, this could have achieved by passing them into another group that feeds different matrices, preventing feedback from them in the house... Perhaps it was mistakenly a pre-fader mix they put them in? A+ for Chuck Todd having the composure to assess the situation and throw to a commercial, that was the best possible outcome at the time. Besides that there were numerous up cuts from the NBC truck mixer while we heard debate participants' reverb through the house. I am assuming the venue was using automix on the podiums or lavs, but in my mind there is no excuse for an up cut when the director clearly knows where the question is going - the camera had the shot. At the same time there was lots of off- camera sound, presumably through the broadcast mix, I hear coughing, something like velcro or a zipper, IFB talk back... Will be interested to see how they rebound from this tonight.
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