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Hi Jeff,


It used to be when I did a google search for anything on this site, it would return a ton of hits, which kept me busy reading for years on end.  It was better than the native search engine.   However, it doesn't seem to be the same lately and a topic that should return dozens of threads will return only one or two.    Did something change?   It may not have been recent, but I was curious.  My string is normally something like:  "whatever I am searching site: jwsoundgroup.net".    



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I do remember people saying that Google searches like you have indicated worked very well in the past. There have not been any changes to there site so I don't have an answer as to why the search routine you had been using is no longer working well. Could it possibly be that what you were searching for just did not have as many posts as some of the other topics you had searched for in the past? I will try and duo some gtersting to see if I can discover what's going on.

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