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Tentacle Sync Studio - correct Timecode, but no sync


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I must be getting something wrong, maybe its too early in the morning..

I am using tentacle sync studio to sync audio files (no video).

Usually this has always worked in the software, but this time the timecode is detected correctly but the sync map is totally wrong.

Nothing is synced. What am I doing wrong? Picture below.

Screenshot 2022-04-05 at 08.35.05.png

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Solved it.

The files from the Zoom H1 were combinded into one big file and that made problems syncing.

Even in the last times there were audio jumps because of this.

I have to rename every single file before importing so it doesnt merge those files but reads each files TC individually.

Then it works.

Must be a bug. I see no option to turn of merging those files from the same card.

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