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TX after SD MM-1 preferences


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I tried to find a conversation on the subject, but couldn’t. 


I’ve heard that after a mic goes into a quality preamp/limiter and is properly gain staged, the transmitter shouldn’t matter much - provided that it isn’t 2.4GHz or BT or in that vein. But I have my doubts. 


What are the transmitters people like to use in conjunction with the MM-1? a plugon? the best tx you have? or the cheapest one?

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We used to use an MM-1 going into a UM400A (then later an SMV) and it sounded great. Gain staging wasn’t the most precise if I recall correctly but we found a sweet spot that worked really well. We set ours up so that the limiter on the MM-1 would kick in a little bit before the limiter in the transmitter and the levels on both were close enough. I don’t remember the exact numbers but we were typically within like 3 clicks and always made an adjustment there, never at the lectro. 

We used a line level cable to go XLR out to Ta5 and also had a g3 with my slate mic going into the monitor in for comms.


it was bulky but man did it sound good!

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