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Modify LMB with SNA


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It looks possible.  Apparently the original NA Hybrid unit that was sent for FCC testing was set up this way.  See pics of that here:



Having had an LMb open, here is some advice:

1) Remove the battery door (together with its hinge/mount) to view the ribbon connector for the membrane switch pad, and then evaluate if you want to continue.

2) Disconnecting the membrane keypad's ribbon cable is fairly straightforward - flip up the black retaining bar on the connector (a plastic spudger or something like a toothpick should be good for that) and the ribbon will come out fairly easily.

3) With the ribbon cable disconnected, it is easy to see how to remove the top and the attached circuit board.

4) Reconnecting the membrane switch ribbon is a bit more difficult than disconnecting it.  Hence the evaluation in step 1.  The recommended tool is a pair of angled tweezers.  I didn't have those but I was successful with needle nose pliers - but there is barely enough room for them in there and I felt like care was required and there was a slight risk of damaging the circuit board.  Once the ribbon is in the connector, the retainer can be flipped down with the same thing you used to flip it up.

5) It is not necessary to remove the membrane switch pad itself.  If you do, expect to replace it.  The only thing under there are the screws that secure the plastic battery guide, and there is no need to remove that.


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