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What are your thoughts on the Sennheiser / Lectrosonics / Sound Devices wireless lavalier systems?


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I'm currently doing some research in what direction to go in for choosing an upgrade for our current wireless systems that we use. They are still in working condition but trying to figure out which route I should go into.


I use a sound device 633 and it's in great condition. The lav kits we use are a Sennheiser G2 and Sennheiser G3 kit. The G2 kit is looking a little rough and want to upgrade it. I was initially thinking going in the direction of purchasing a Sennheiser G4 kit. But wondering if we should towards more professional lavalier systems such as the Sound Devices A10-digital wireless system or even some kind of Lectrosonics wireless kit.


I know the G4 kit is not as expensive as the other two, but I wanted to see what another persons opinions are on the other two. Any opinion on the matter would be greatly appreciated.  

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Sennheiser G4 wireless (which are not that different at all to G3, not an upgrade at all I'd say. And even G3 is not much different to the G2 in the grand scheme of things) is cheap prosumer wireless, not in even close to the same category as Lectrosonics or Sound Devices Wireless. 


Also, you should be considering as well the pro wireless from Shure Axient Digital, Sony DWX Digital Wireless, Wiyscom, and Zaxcom. As they're all top notch too, and worth checking out. 


I personally am using Sony DWX for my booms, with Lectrosonics Digital Hybrids for my talent bodypacks. But if I wasn't using them, I'd probably be going with Shure Axient Digital (at least for my booms, I might go with Wisycom instead for the talent bodypacks). 

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The G4 system is 'okay' but lacks the true diversity of Lectro and Zaxcom systems which speaks to its lack of reliability as a solid RF option. I've had the 500-series for some time now and have mostly been using them as IFB's since they have a Phones out (a feature not included in the 100 or 300-series).


There is certainly room to upgrade by moving to the EK 6042 receiver which does have dual diversity, or even the Wisycom MCR54 which has quad-diversity. But at that point you're spending Lectro/Zaxcom money for a companding system.


Not ideal.

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