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Case for CL12


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I'm traveling with the CL12 more than before. Is there a case folks are using that fits snugly?

Skinny hardcase prefered as it'll be riding with other equipment in a larger case. So many options but nothing seems to be off the shelf.


I know this is hitting a small sample size...



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I definitely struggled for a bit to fit my CL12 into my pelicans for travel (1620’s), at first I used the foam sides from the CL12 box to add some protection, but this added so much bulk. 

Currently I just pack it TIGHTLY with all my other gear in my 1620. Usually it’s the last thing in and goes “on top,” the pelican foam in the lid puts just enough pressure to hold it in place. Not that it adds much protection…but this LMC neoprene “cover” fits snug and has held up nice for me over the years. I fly (domestic) with this setup a few times a month and have had zero issues over the years. 

Sorry this isn’t much help, but just wanted  to share what works for me. 



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After some trial an error, I finally found a generic case that will fit the CL12 snugly, with the LMC cover and the 3 cable needed (along with a USB light).




I didn't need anything heavy and fancy and waterproof (aka pelican) just a simple case to protect it while stowed in the 1620 case.




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