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Syncing Deity Timecode box Jammed Audio & Alexa Mini LF in Premiere Pro


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I'm having issues syncing audio and video in Premiere Pro that was jammed with a Deity Timecode box. On set everything seemed fine. The recorder was a Mixpre 6ii and camera was Alexa Mini LF. Any advice would be great beyond the Deity tutorial information! 

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Are you having TC offset problems?


Are you placing your video clip on the timeline? Add the timecode effect to reveal the "clip timecode." You will see the clip's TC overlayed on the video. Place your cursor or an in point on the timeline. Double click on the desired sound file to load it into the preview window. Scrub to the point where the TC of the sound file in the preview window matches the TC overlay of the video clip on the timeline. Mark an in point on the sound file in the preview window and then drag or place the sound file on to the timeline. The two files should sync.

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I know a tremendous amount about TC / syncing and timecode / timestamp, but it would be very helpful to feed me more info on what exactly you see / how things were set up / if the error is constant  or variable, etc.



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